Basildon 4 Harwich 8 (29/11/07)
Harwich chalked up another win over lowly Basildon with a display of sometimes worthy of TV and of other times very mediocre darts.
Adrian Genery (34.94) and Mick Chambers won the first pairs against Mike Geison and Brian Dimmock in 34 darts, Genery in great form scoring a 180.
Kevin Edwards and Peter Barton were slow into their stride and paid the price losing to Carl Smith and Keith Ridgway despite hitting 5 consecutive ton pluses at the end. Ridgway hit a 177 in the leg.
Simon Cook (37.78) and Jason Warren beat Dave O'Meara and Tommy Butler in 34 darts with Cook going to the oche 6 times scoring 5 tons and then a 180.
Scott Lawrie and Jeff Elliott struggled to finish but eventually overcame Andy Reynolds and Les Atkins.
Kevin Edwards was never at ease with the pitch but still managed to beat Tommy Butler 3 - 0.
Simon Cook (25.67) survived a first leg set-back when Andy Reynolds (24.29) shot out on 160 to win 3 - 1.
Marcus Smith cruised into a 2 - 0 lead, including a 121 finish, only to be pegged back by the 180 throwing Les Atkins and lose 3 - 2.
With Kevin Cook missing through illness young Tommy Armstrong (24.64) took his chance to impress by beating former London County player Mike Geison 3 - 0.
Scott Lawrie (31.11) can do no wrong on the Basildon pitch as he followed up last years 30 plus average with another one against Dave O'Meara (26.58). Lawrie hit 2 x 180's and O'Meara played his part in a very good game.
Peter Barton was another struggle to come to terms with the pitch but eventually came through to beat Brian Dimmock 3 - 2.
Mick Chambers (27.53) opened with a 14 dart leg but then lost the next 3 to Keith Ridgway (23.93) with both players scoring 180's.
Adrian Genery (24.89) started with legs of 14 and 18 darts and duly fell asleep to let Carl Smith (25.57) in for a 3 - 2 win.
 Harwich 6 Hockley 6 (23/11/07)
Harwich became the first team this season to take a point off top of the table Hockley who contain no fewer than 8 county players.
Harwich stunned the leaders by racing into a 3 - 0 win, Kevin Edwards (31.39) and Peter Barton (25.65) leading the way with a win over Shaun Walsh (34.33) and Darryll Claydon.
Scott Lawrie (39.59) was simply awesome as he and partner Marcus Smith left Jimmy Allison and Michael Wiles well behind. Lawrie scored 2 x 140's and a 180.
Adrian Genery (26.89) and Mick Chambers (27.22) beat John McFall and Gary Phipps (27.00) in a close game. Hockley gained their first win as Simon Cook (27.10) and an out of sorts Kevin Cook lost to Mark Landers and Paul Marsh. Simon Cook scored a 180.
Peter Barton lost 3 - 2 to Paul Marsh after being 2 - 1 up. Adrian Genery (29.46) had to dig deep to overcome fellow county A player John McFall (25.57) 3 - 2 after being 2 - 1 down. Genery scored a 180 and won the last two legs in 13 and 14 darts.
Mick Chambers lost to Michael Wiles (26.90) 3 - 1, Wiles winning the last leg in 13 darts. Marcus Smith (23.78) lost to Darryll Claydon (23.42) by the same scoreline as he missed doubles and Claydon accepted his. Smith scored a 180.
Kevin Edwards (26.67) beat Jimmy Allison (26.46) 3 - 1 in a tense affair. Both players scoring 180. Simon Cook (27.93) lost to top of the averages and unbeaten Gary Phipps (28.04) 3 - 1 in a cracking game. Cook scored a 180 and missed doubles in the last two legs to win.
Scott Lawrie (25.47) clebrated his call up to the couty A squad by beating fellow county A player Shaun Walsh (24.16) 3 - 0.
Kevin Cook took the first leg of the last game but could not maintain the pressure as former PDC star Mark Landers (27.04) cruised home 3 - 1 scoring a 180 on the way.
 Thameside 9 Harwich 3 (15/11/07)
Harwich suffered their first defeat of the season away to champions Thameside.
The match had began so well for Harwich with Adrian Genery (35.07) and Mick Chambers (36.54) equalling the fastest leg in the superleague, beating Dave Solly and Ben Adams in only 28 darts for a combined average of 35.75.
Simon Cook and Kevin Cook lost the next to Alan Collins and Steve Johnson.
Kevin Edwards (28.89) and Peter Barton (30.33) lost to Terry Rose (30.88) and Paul Doherty (29.67) in great game. Edwards missing the bulls-eye by the width of the wire only to Rose hit the bull-eye next pitch.
Scott Lawrie (31.11) and Jeff Elliott were made to rue missed darts at a double as Barry Adlam and Phil Cox (29.28) took their chance. Lawrie scoring a 180 as did Cox.
Missed doubles cost Kevin Edwards (26.23) dear as Ben Adams (25.48) took his chances to win 3 - 2.
Mick Chambers (23.52) spurned several oppotunities to beat Alan Collins (24.02) before losing 3 - 1.
Adrian Genery (24.09) lost to his old adversary Dave Solly (26.39) 3 - 1. Solly scoring 2 x 180's and Genery scoring a 180 and a 102 finish.
Kevin Cook battled but eventually went down 3 - 2 to Phil Cox (23.82). Jeff Elliott lost 3 - 0 to Essex stalwart Barry Adlam (28.36).
Peter Barton (23.29) lost 3 - 2 to Paul Doherty (23.97) in a game could have gone either way. Doherty scoring a 180.
Scott Lawrie (27.12) restored some pride back into the Harwich team as he beat Terry Rose (26.47) 3 - 2. Lawrie had a 121 finish and another 180.
Simon Cook (23.41) did like-wise and beat Steve Johnson (25.27) 3 - 2.
So Harwich started well and finished well but can forget about the bit in the middle.
 Harwich 8 Burntwood 4 (08/11/07)
Harwich had to settle for an 8 - 4 victory over a battling Burntwood side to continue to put pressure on the top two in the table.
Scott Lawrie and Marcus Smith lost the first pairs to Paul Harrison and Grant Hammond. Adrian Genery and Mick Chambers (26.83) were in trouble until Genery produced a 118 finish with Manny Barragan (29.89) and Roy Crabb waiting on a double.
Simon Cook (27.52) and Kevin Cook won the next game beating John Wastenage and Phil Daldry and the lead was extended as Kevin Edwards (30.44) and Peter Barton (25.17) beat Darren Blackwood and Mark Banham in 36 darts.
Marcus Smith exploded out of the traps with an opening 12 dart leg that included a 136 finish but then went to sleep before winning 3 - 0 against Paul Sedge.
Mick Chambers beat Roy Crabb 3 - 0 in a dour game. Simon Cook (24.36) lost 3 - 1 to the impressive Manny Barragan (24.39). Barragan scoring a 180 in the leg he lost.
Adrian Genery (25.30) beat Darren Blackwood 3 - 1 with Blackwood scoring a 180. Peter Barton (24.03) fought back well to finally overcome Phil Daldry (24.29) 3 - 2 in a game that could have gone either way.
Kevin Edwards (25.05) beat Mark Banham 3 - 0, scoring a 180 in the last leg. Scott Lawrie (29.74) raced into a 2 - 0 lead with 12 and 14 dart legs only to be stunned by a superb fight-back from Paul Harrison (27.86) who won the game with 16, 21 and 16 dart legs. Lawrie had a 136 finish and 3 x 180's as he suffered his first defeat of the season.
Kevin Cook (24.58) scored a 180 but lost the last game to John Wastenage (25.38) 3 - 1.
 Southend 3 Harwich 9 (01/11/07)
This was another impressive away win with a team average over 26 to keep Harwich in contention at the top of the table.
Simon Cook (28.20) and Kevin Cook started off well beating Richard Watering and Mel Davies. Adrian Genery (30.11) and new partner Mick Chambers (28.69) beat Sam Ayres and John Hayter in 34 darts with Chambers scoring a 180.
Kevin Edwards (31.89) and Peter Barton made it 3 - 0 with a win over Mick Peel and Gary Mills in 36 darts.
Southend hit back as Scott Lawrie (33.33) and Marcus Smith lost to Stephen Kiamil (27.83) and Jason Wiles (29.41) in 35 darts.
Kevin Edwards (27.83) beat John Hayter (24.83) 3 - 0 with three 18 dart legs. Mick Chambers (24.35) beat Mel Davies (23.35) 3 - 1 to carry on his recent good form, Davies scoring a 180.
Adrian Genery (25.86) was beginning to wonder what he had to do to win a game when he finally took his chance to beat Sam Ayres (26.07) 3 - 2 after Ayres missed doubles.
Simon Cook (25.62) was an unlucky loser, 3 - 2 to County B player Stephen Kiamil (26.38), in a game that could have gone either way. Peter Barton (24.38) beat his old adversary Jason Wiles 3 - 2 in a game played at a blistering pace. Scott Lawrie (26.84) destroyed Mick Peel with a 3 - 0 win that included a 100 finish and a 180.
Marcus Smith fought out a 3 - 2 win over Richard Watering and he to had a 100 finish and a 180.
Southend were to have the last word as Kevin Cook (23.80) lost 3 - 2 to Gary Mills (27.31) who finished the second leg on 110.
 Harwich 6 Colchester 6 (25/10/07)
This has to be one of, if not, the greatest games ever played in the Essex Superleague. 13 180's, a 177, a 170 finish included in 159 ton pluses in a game that ebbed and flowed and produced the right result on the night, 21 legs all and 6 games all.
Kevin Edwards (32.61) and Adrian Genery got the perfect start for Harwich beating Jimmy Noone and Dave Bokenham in 34 darts. Scott Lawrie and Marcus Smith continued their fine run when they beat Eddie Gosling and Andy Cole.
Colchester got off the mark with Dave Orton and Lee Beeton (180) beating Simon Cook (29.78) and Kevin Cook. Mick Chambers and Jason Warren made it 3 - 1 when they beat Dave Gwilliams and Bryan Willis.
Marcus Smith (26.84) did little wrong as Dave Bokenham (28.65) and Colchester came out all guns blazing. Bokenham won 3 - 1 with both players hitting 180's.
Simon Cook (24.19) lost to Jimmy Noone (29.09) 3 - 2 in another great game. Cook hitting a 180 and Noone getting a 180 and a 122 finish.
Scott Lawrie (27.64) forced his way past Dave Orton (27.89) with a 3 - 1 win that included a 116 finish. Mick Chambers and Bryan Willis had a scrap that could have gone either way, Willis coming out on top 3 - 2 and Chambers scoring a 177 in the second leg.
Adrian Genery (29.79) must wonder what he has to do to win a game as he lost for the second week running with almost a 30 average. This time his conquerer was Dave Gwilliams (27.63) in a quite sensational game. Genery hit a 180 to leave 76 after 12 darts only for Gwilliams to take out 170. Genery hit another 180 in the next leg as did Gwilliams in the following leg. Gwilliams finally winning 3 - 2.
Kevin Cook (25.47) has been inspired this season and he needed to be at his best to see off Eddie Gosling (25.81) 3 - 2. Gosling hit 3 x 180's but struggled with his finishing and Cook had 1 x 180.
Kevin Edwards (24.04) had to come from 2 - 0 down to beat ex team-mate Andy Cole 3 - 2. Edwards had a 104 finish and Cole had a 100 finish and a 180.
Tensions grew and it was not surprising that the last game went all the way, Jason Warren losing out 3 - 2 to Lee Beeton.
 Springfield 4 Harwich 8 (18/10/07)
Harwich stormed to another great win over Springfield in one of their best ever displays in the Essex Superleague.
Scott Lawrie (29.05) and Marcus Smith carried on their impressive form taking the opening pairs against Al Green and Keith Weller.
Simon Cook (31.47) and Kevin Cook (31.07) were awesome as they won a one sided game against Ashley Evans and Craig Vickers. Kevin Cook scoring a 180 as did Craig Vickers.
Harwich suffered a set-back as Adrian Genery and Jason Warren missed doubles to lose to Darren Peetoom and no other than Hawaii 501 Wayne Mardle.
Kevin Edwards (29.17) and Peter Barton (28.00) set off at a blistering pace to beat George Harris and Mick Harris in a magnificent match. Barton scoring a 180.
Simon Cook (23.09) battled superbly to beat the redoubtable George Harris 3 - 2.
Kevin Edwards (29.47), the only player ever to have done a 9 dart leg in the Essex Superleague, opened his second leg against James Wright 180 180 but had to settle for 12 darts this time. Edwards also hit a 177 in the first leg.
Marcus Smith continues to fight and he gained another win over Mick Harris 3 - 1.
Peter Barton lost out to county B player Ashley Evans (25.05) 3 - 0.
Scott Lawrie (25.05) was rock solid as he beat Al Green 3 - 0. Mick Chambers scored a 180 as he beat another county B player, Craig Vickers, 3 - 1.
Kevin Cook (25.50) missed a crucial double and lost to another county B player, Darren Peetoom (26.66) 3 - 2.
This left Adrian Genery (29.42) with the unenvious task of taking on Wayne Mardle (31.24) in the last game and what a cracker it was. Mardle shot into a 2 - 0 lead only to be pegged back by Genery. Mardle winning in 16, 15 and 14 darts. Genery winning his legs in 12 and 18 hitting a 180 and a 121 finish.
 Harwich 11 Woodford Bridge 1 (11/10/07)
Harwich maintained their unbeaten record to stay at the top of the table along side Thameside and Hockley with a convincing win over lowly Woodford Bridge.
New signing Jason Warren and Adrian Genery won the first pairs against Lee White and Keiron Leal. Simon Cook (30.71) and Kevin Cook beat Matt Clark and Trevor Townsend. Scott Lawrie (29.50) and Marcus Smith beat Daniel Sare (180) and Scott Clifford in 36 darts. The white-wash was complete when Kevin Edwards and Peter Barton won against Joe Dyer and James Thompson.
Mick Chambers beat Matt Clark in the opening singles 3 - 1. Kevin Edwards (25.91) won 3 - 0 against Keiron Leal (24.63). Simon Cook (25.11) beat old team-mate Lee White 3 - 2 scoring a 180.
Tommy Armstrong tried his hardest but went down 3 - 1 after taking the lead against Joe Dyer. Marcus Smith battled to beat Trevor Townsend 3 - 2. Kevin Cook won 3 - 0 against James Thompson. Scott Lawrie (23.12) won 3 - 0 against Daniel Sare as did Adrian Genery against Scott Clifford in the last game.
 Thurrock 4 Harwich 8 (04/10/07)
Harwich produced a stunning fight back to maintain their 100% record against a Thurrock team that belied their low league position.A shocking pairs effort left Harwich in deep trouble but a steady singles performance turned the game around.
The reliable Kevin Edwards and Peter Barton lost to Wayne Gleed and Pete Tompkins and then Adrian Genery and Ben Attridge lost to Mick McCombe and Keith Petrie to leave Harwich 2 - 0 down.
Scott Lawrie and Marcus Smith beat Micky Squelch and George Webb only for Simon Cook and Kevin Cook to lose to Paul Oakley and Gary Miles.
Peter Barton got Harwich back in the game beating Miles 3 - 1 in the first singles. Kevin Edwards (23.48) quickly made it all square as he beat Pete Tompkins 3 - 0.
Marcus Smith was a very unlucky loser 3 - 2 to Wayne Gleed (23.85) in a game where all legs went against the darts. Kevin Cook (25.05) scored another 180 as he beat Steve Cox 3 - 0 in another impressive game.
Simon Cook (24.22) was pushed to the limit to beat Simon Barry (23.11) 3 - 2. Once again Scott Lawrie (25.18) was superb as he overcame the challenge of Steve Girling (24.85). Lawrie winning 3 - 1 and having a 141 checkout.
Adriand Genery (23.12) beat his old adversary Mick McCombe 3 - 0 and then young Tommy Armstrong turned on the style beating the highly experienced Keith White in the last on his debut to complete a remarkable comeback.
 Harwich 7 Harlow 5 (27/09/07)
Harwich were made to fight all the way by a very useful Harlow team in order to maintain their 100% record.
Scott Lawrie and Marcus Smith got away to the perfect start, beating Bill Woods and John Marshall in only 33 darts. Lawrie opened with a 180 and Smith averaged over 100 per throw.
Simon Cook and Kevin Cook had a dart at a double but lost to Dick Foster and John Jennings in 35 darts. Simon Cook averaging over 105 per throw.
George Lord and young Tommy Armstrong lost to Dave Galloway and Paul Willsher with Armstrong doing well on his debut.
Kevin Edwards and Peter Barton made it all square beating Tommy Jennings and Eli Leftwich in 37 darts.
Peter Barton let his game slip as he went into a 2 - 0 lead only for 180 throwing Tommy Jennings (23.28) to win the next three legs and the game.
Scott Lawrie (30.06) was back to his very best as he blitzed John Marshall 3 - 0 hitting two more 180's and winning in 16, 16 and 18 darts.
Mick Chambers (23.52) showed all his fighting qualities to beat a resolute Paul Willsher (23.97) 3 - 2. Willsher had a 137 finish and Chambers won the game with a 113 finish.
Simon Cook (28.53) had all the answers as he beat former county star Dick Foster (23.87) 3 - 1. Cook scoring a 180 and a 171.
Kevin Edwards (27.32) must wonder what he has to do to win a game as lost 3 - 2 to England youth star John Jennings (25.81). Edwards went 2 - 1 up only for Jennings to come storming back and win the next two legs in 17 and 16 darts.
Adrian Genery (27.83) was as solid as ever as he beat former youth player Ronnie Yates 3 - 0.
Marcus Smith struggled and lost 3 - 0 to Dave Galloway (25.05) and so it was left to the birthday boy Kevin Cook to clinch the victory when he beat Bill Woods 3 - 2 in a titanic struggle.

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