Dunmow 3 Harwich 9 (20/09/07)
Harwich were slow into their stride but gradually got better as the game went on and eased to a 9 - 3 victory over Dunmow.
Adrian Genery and Mick Chambers never found any consistancy and lost the first doubles to Tony Hird and Richard Ward. Simon Cook and Kevin Cook quickly made amends beating Mark Sainsbury and Ritchie Edhouse.
Back came Dunmow as Scott Lawrie and Marcus Smith failed to hit a double and Matt Atkinson and Paul Thomas duly obliged. Kevin Edwards and Peter Barton made it all square as they beat Andrew Camp and Dave Saker in an excellent match.
Mick Chambers fought back well after a poor fisrt leg to beat Richard Ward 3 - 1. Marcus Smith eased to a 3 - 0 win over Paul Thomas in the next.
Adrian Genery (26.84) opened with a 13 dart leg, hitting a 180 and beatin Al Dewar 3 - 0. Kevin Cook (26.07) was back to his very best as he beat the 180 throwing Ritchie Edhouse (27.21) 3 - 1 in a superb match.
Scott Lawrie learnt another worthy lesson as he struggled for once, how to dig deep and still come up with a decent result when beating the resilient Matt Atkinson 3 - 2.
Peter Barton (23.86) was again in great form as he raced to a 3 - 0 win over Andrew Camp.
The game of the night saw Kevin Edwards (27.42) taste defeat in a Harwich shirt for the first time as he lost to former London county player Dave Saker (29.47) 3 - 0. The impressive Saker having a 106 finish in the second leg.
Simon Cook (27.83) put the icing on the cake as he romped to a 3 - 0 win over Mark Sainsbury, hitting a 180 on the way.
 Harwich 8 Walton 4 (13/09/07)
Harwich were far from impressive against local rivals and new boys Walton.
Scott Lawrie and Marcus Smith took the opening pairs beating John Palmer and Andrew Currivan with Lawrie averaging just over 100 per throw.
George Lord and Peter Barton beat Reece Hutchison and Matt Baldwin in the next and this was followed by another win as Simon Cook and Kevin Cook were successfull against Alan Currivan and Dave Tottman.
Mick Chambers and Ben Attridge missed doubles to let in Daniel Parker and Bill Root for Walton's first leg.
Mick Chambers struggled against the impressive John Palmer (27.10) and lost 3 - 1.
Kevin Cook also found it hard going, despite hitting back to back 180's, finally saw off the challenge of Daniel Parker 3 - 2. Peter Barton as usual was quick out of the blocks and won 3 - 0 against Bill Root.
Simon Cook also chalked up a steady 3 - 0 win over Matt Baldwin. Scott Lawrie (27.33) was as immaculate as ever, beating Dave Tottman 3 - 0.
Adrian Genery (28.36) made the long haul from Birmingham worth while as he turned in a man of the match performance in beating Alan Currivan 3 - 0, scoring his first 180 of the season.
Marcus Smith(23.03) was just eclipsed 3 - 2 by an excellent game from young Reece Hutchison (24.15) and Walton had the last word as George Lord, despite hitting a 125 finish, lost to Andrew Currivan 3 - 1.
Walton should hold their heads up high with this performance and the future bodes well with their youth and the experience of John Palmer.
 Colchester Town 5 Harwich 7 (06/09/07)
Harwich started the new season with a superb hard fought win over local rivals Colchester Town.
Skipper George Lord has tried to sign Kevin Edwards for 3 years but he had remained loyal to his old team Colchester and it was easy to see why, the man was absolute class.
The opening pairs went to Harwich as Edwards (180) averaged 113 per throw and he and partner Peter Barton beat Mick McHale and Mark Gregory in 33 darts.
Colchester Town hit back as Coen Wiekamp and Paul Copeland beat Simon Cook and Kevin Cook in 34 darts. Copeland averaging 108 per throw.
Scott Lawrie and Marcus Smith restored the lead as Smith finished on 110 to beat Lee Woods and Mark Woodger who averaged 104 per throw.
Adrian Genery and Mick Chambers lost to Harwich old boys Jamie Robinson and Andy Burmby in a scrappy last game.
Kevin Cook (24.95) hit 2 x 180's but narrowly lost out to Robinson (26.54) 3 - 2. Robinson hitting a 180 and winning the game with a 118 finish.
Mick Chambers (20.52) struggled with the high scoring Mark Woodger (20.33) and lost 3 - 2. Woodger scoring 2 x 180's and a 171.
Simon Cook (22.04) scored a 180 as he beat Darren Britton (21.34) 3 - 1.
Scott Lawrie (26.84) opened with a 180 and beat Andy Burmby (24.09) 3 - 0. Marcus Smith (23.62) lost 3 - 1 to former London player Mick McHale (23.51) in a game that could have gone either way. McHale scoring a 180.
Adrian Genery (25.28) was steady as he beat his monday night team-mate Paul Copeland (23.82) 3 - 1.
Kevin Edwards (26.37) beat his ex team-mate Coen Wiekamp (26.31) 3 - 0. The key to the win being the opening leg, with Wiekamp sitting on 40 Edwards picked off a superb 145 finish.
Peter Barton (24.00) was at his speediest as he came from 1 - 0 down to beat Paul McDermott (22.28) 3 - 1 and win the match for Harwich. Barton had a 120 finish.

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