Southend 7 Harwich 5 (07/01/11)
Harwich suffered another defeat against their bogey side Southend where possibly a draw would have been a fair result.
Scott Lawrie (31.43) and Adrian Genery (16.24) gave Harwich the lead when they beat Paul Barham (21.52) and Graeme Mills (23.83) in the first pairs.
Alan Collins (31.11) and Nick Groves (24.50) made it 2 - 0 when they beat the heavy scoring Steve Maish (39.00) and Steve Haggerty (15.28).
Simon Cook (26.08) and Marcus Smith (12.14) lost to Stephen Kiamil (24.77) and Richard Watering (21.71) despite Cook hitting a 180.
Kevin Edwards (29.44) and Peter Barton (25.72) had no luck at all as Barton hit double 1 in the corner going for tops and then wired double 19. Paul Marsh (28.63) and Terry Rose (25.39) gratefully accepted their chance to make it 2 - 2.
Scott Lawrie (30.06) was back to his very best as he beat Graeme Mills (23.21) 3 - 0 with legs of 17, 14 and 19 darts.
Jason Warren (22.29) lost 3 - 0 to the consistant Paul Marsh (27.83) who hit a 180 won with legs of 19, 17 and 18 darts.
George Lord (19.03) couldn't score and Stephen Kiamil (19.78) struggled to finish in a poor game which Kiamil won eventually 3 - 0.
Alan Collins (24.51) beat Matthew Waddoups (25.51) 3 - 1 in a game that appeared to be closer than the score-line reflected. Collins had 103 finish in the third leg.
Peter Barton (22.96) was up against the redoubtable Steve Maish (27.33) and lost 3 - 0.
Simon Cook (26.72) played superbly to beat fellow county team-mate Paul Barham (27.81) 3 - 1. Cook had a 112 finish and Barham hit a 180.
Kevin Edwards (24.98) did everything but win his game with former England and county star Terry Rose (25.36). After trading legs to make 2 - 2 with neither player holding their throw, Edwards kicked off the final leg with a ton followed by a 180 only not to see out the finish. A man of Rose's quality was there waiting and he did not miss.
Nick Groves (26.47) amazing run of only having the start at the beginning of the game continued and he was blasted away by a brilliant performance from Steve Haggerty (31.98). The Southend man winning in 15, 19 and 13 darts.
 Harwich 19 Bocking 5 (16/12/10)
Harwich cruised through this prelimenary round of the knockout cup against a gallant Bocking team.
Nick Groves scored superbly and would have had a huge average had it not been for some wayward finishing. Groves (29.47) beat Chris Holden 3 - 0 and finished the game with a 12 dart leg 180, 131, 138 and game shot on 52.
Scott Lawrie (30.06) also hit the treble 20 for fun and beat Sam Haydon 3 - 0 with legs of 15, 18 and 17 darts.
Alan Collins struck lucky as Stuart Wicks missed his doubles and Collins hit his for a 3 - 0 win.
Kevin Edwards (30.02) had the game of the night with young Rhys Haydon who played brilliantly and had an average well over 30. However Edwards won 2 - 1 with the aid of a 180 and a 106 finish.
Simon Cook (24.24) played steadily and beat former county team-mate Bryan Willis 3 - 0.
George Lord won the next 3 - 0 against former county youth player Vinnie Clarke.
Peter Barton also racked up a 3 - 0 win against David Benfield.
Given his first ever game for Harwich young Andy Barton did ok but met John Abbott in good form and lost 3 - 0.
 Harwich 6 Riverside 6 (09/12/10)
Harwich smashed their ton scoring record and have set a new superleague record in the process of hitting 97 on the night however Riverside's superior finishing always had Harwich under pressure and a draw was a fair result.
Scott Lawrie (29.52) and Adrian Genery (19.05) took their chance as on the rare occasion for the night, the Riverside pairing, Barry Adlam (26.71) and Robbie Caton (20.76) failed to take theirs. Lawrie hit 5 scores of 100 or more.
Alan Collins (28.17) and Nick Groves (20.94) lost the next to Craig Vickers (29.00) and James Jennings (27.72) in 36 darts with Vickers hitting a 180.
Simon Cook (35.28) and Marcus Smith (20.33) also went out in 36 darts as Smith took out 120 to beat Paul Harrison (28.17) and Roger Burton (16.94). Cook hit 4 scores of 100 or more.
Kevin Edwards (29.50) back with old partner Peter Barton (29.38) won the last pairs in 34 darts in high a quality game with Andy Rice (28.00) and Robbie Turner (31.00).
Marcus Smith (22.74) was eclipsed by the finishing of Craig Vickers (25.91) who hit a 180 and finishes of 130, 67 and 80 for a 3 - 0 win.
Simon Cook (25.03) had to come from 1 - 0 down as new signing Roger Burton (23.24) took out 158. To overhaul the Riverside man Cook hit a 180 and went on to win 3 - 1.
Adrian Genery (23.28) played well for 3 legs but had to give second best to former England youth player James Jennings (25.95). Jennings had a 106 finish and won 3 - 1.
Alan Collins (26.12) had 11 scores of 100 or more, including a 180 as he beat Paul Harrison (22.79) 3 - 2. Collins clinching the game with a 13 dart leg.
Nick Groves (27.25) never has an easy game and this was yet another cracker as he went down 3 - 2 to Robbie Turner (27.78) in a quality match. Groves hit 14 scores of 100 or more and Turner hit 11 including a 180. In the deciding leg Turner had the start and went 140, 180, 86, 63 and game shot on 32 in 2 darts, Groves had replied 100, 140, 100 and 137.
Scott Lawrie (26.49) tasted defeat as he gave former county A man Andy Rice (26.52) chances which a player of his quality does not spurn. Lawrie hit 10 scores of 100 or more but it was Rice who hit the doubles to win 3 - 1.
Jason Warren (22.01) had 12 scores of 100 or more and Robbie Caton (22.88) had 10 as this game went all the way, eventually falling to Caton 3 - 2.
Kevin Edwards (27.94) back in his favourite position, last, had to pull out all the stops to beat fellow county A man Barry Adlam (25.63) 3 - 2. Adlam had gone 2 - 1 up with legs of 16 and 17 darts but Edwards stormed back with 15 and 16 dart legs to win and give Harwich a draw.
 Thurrock 1 Harwich 11 (27/11/10)
With skipper George Lord absent ill, Harwich made him feel a proud man as they condemed Thurrock to bottom place in the A division with this heavy away win.
Alan Collins (23.00) and Nick Groves (24.67) won the opening leg in a canter against Gary Miles (21.86) and Pete Tompkins (22.44).
Wayne Mardle (23.39) and Kevin Edwards (22.05) were both out of sorts but just nicked the next from Keith White (19.67) and Steve Cox (23.67).
Scott Lawrie (37.40) and Adrian Genery (29.33) romped to victory in only 30 darts in a high class game with Mick McCombe (29.60) and Liam Pender (28.92). Lawrie hit a 180 and Genery chipped in to gain his first win of the season.
Simon Cook (28.90) and Mick Chambers (18.76) made it a clean sweep when beating George Webb (21.43) and Simon Barry (18.52).
Scott Lawrie (26.15) for once had to show his fighting qualities in beating Keith White (25.60) 3 - 2. The Thurrock man had gone 2 - 1 up in a game that saw the pair hit 20 scores of 100 or more.
Nick Groves (25.96) had yet another hard game, something he thrives on, this time with Pete Tompkins (24.88). Tompkins had a 105 finish but Groves won 3 - 1 aided by a 180.
Simon Cook (25.75) had to face county B colleague Mick McCombe (23.54) and the Harwich man came through 3 - 2 with the help of a 14 dart leg and a 120 finish.
Wayne Mardle (25.91) was steady as he beat Micky Squelch (23.00) 3 - 0.
Jason Warren (21.19) fired in a great 16 dart last leg to seen off Steve Cox (21.09). Warren hit a 180 and won 3 - 2.
Kevin Cook (24.97) was on form and beat Gary Miles (21.87) 3 - 1 with both players hitting a 180.
Having been going through a purple patch Kevin Edwards (21.86) threw probably the worst darts of his superleague career and lost 3 - 1 to Simon Barry (23.21).
Alan Collins (25.25) completed the rout when beating Liam Pender (20.81) 3 - 1.
 Basildon 4 Harwich 8 (18/11/10)
Harwich gained another win on the road against Basildon with the highlights being Kevin Edwards (31.31) and skipper George Lord hitting a 180 with his first 3 darts and a 155 finish with his last 3 darts to win his game.
Alan Collins (32.74) and Nick Groves (21.06) won the opening pairs against Sam Davidson (27.22) and Tommy Butler (18.30) with Collins scoring heavily including a 180.
Scott Lawrie (25.05) and Jason Warren (22.62) just took the next against Carl Smith (21.67) and Keith Ridgway (25.14).
Harwich welcomed back Wayne Mardle (31.25) after a months absence and he and Kevin Edwards (33.40) stormed to victory in only 31 darts over Phil Halls (28.07) and Leon Smerdon (22.33).
Simon Cook (22.81) and Kevin Cook (21.05) lost the last pairs to Dave Solly (20.00) and Dave Orton (23.68) despite Kevin Cook hitting a 180.
Nick Groves (26.44) lost a titanic battle with county B man Phil Halls (26.20) 3 - 2 in a game where both players were evenly matched. Halls hit a 170 and Groves opened with a 12 dart leg, 134, 121, 180 and 66 game shot.
Jason Warren (19.33) couldn't get going and lost to Dave O'Meara (22.38) 3 - 2.
Skipper George Lord (23.31) picked himself for the first time in 18 months and opened with a 180 against Tommy Butler (21.21). Lord eventually won 3 - 2 with Butler finishing on 102 in the 4th leg and Lord winning the game with a 155 finish.
Kevin Edwards (31.31) yet again ceases to astound people, he only plays darts on a wednesday night yet always to a high calibre, this time being no exception, beating Sam Davidson (25.37) 3 - 0 in 15, 16 and 17 darts hitting a 180 along the way.
Alan Collins (25.49) came back strongly after falling behind to Mark Stafford (20.40) and eventually won 3 - 1.
Simon Cook (20.32) never seemed to get going on the Basildon pitch and lost 3 - 1 to Keith Ridgway (22.22).
Scott Lawrie (25.46) struggled as well however his B game is better than most peoples A game and he came through a tough game with Carl Smith (24.30). Smith hit a 180 but Lawrie won 3 - 1.
Wayne Mardle (26.83) met former county team-mate Dave Solly and cruised into a 2 - 0 lead, Solly then hit back with a vengance to make it 2 - 2 and then had darts to win it, Solly missed and Mardle greatfully accepted his opportunity.
 Harwich 7 Rainham 5 (04/11/10)
Harwich just scraped home with a 7 - 5 win against a very sporting Rainham side with Nick Groves (28.88) leading the way with his first man of the match performance in a Harwich shirt.
Simon Cook (23.86) and Kevin Cook (22.67) nicked the first pairs as Steve Enever (23.79) and Jamie Manchester (20.24) both missed darts at a double.
Alan Collins (29.94) and Nick Groves (27.18) romped to an easy win over Johnny Nelson (29.28) and Richard Angelo (16.47) in 35 darts.
Scott Lawrie (34.94) and Jason Warren (23.07) lost to the impressive pairing of Steve Woodside (26.28) and Richard Howson (31.06) in 35 darts. Lawrie had 5 scores of 100 or more in the defeat.
Kevin Edwards (24.78) and Mick Chambers (13.75) lost to John Jennings (19.33) and Leslie Shoesmith (20.54) in a game that both sides struggled to hit a double.
Jason Warren (24.17) beat Steve Woodside (20.97) 3 - 1 and is now throwing some excellent darts that he knows he is capable of.
Peter Barton (20.85) had a rare outing but seems to be shadow of himself since recovering from a nasty hand injury and lost 3 - 1 to Keith Archer (22.41).
Nick Groves (28.88) went 1 - 0 down to Richard Angelo (25.88) only to come storming back to win 3 - 1 with legs of 19,14 and 17 darts. Groves hit a 180 in his first ever man of the performance for Harwich. Angelo played his part in a great game and was so unlucky in the last leg, wiring bulls-eye for a 161 finish then busting 25 next pitch.
Scott Lawrie (25.89) suffered a rare defeat and lost 3 - 1 to former county man Jamie Manchester (26.32). Manchester hit a 180 in the game where Lawrie's normal powerhouse scoring was missing for once.
Simon Cook (26.26) has been throwing good darts but not been able to come away with many wins this time won 3 - 1 against Dave Ball (20.80).
Adrian Genery (19.56) ran into the man of the moment, Richard Howson (25.91) and it was Howson who won 3 - 0 with great finishes of 118 and 120.
Alan Collins (27.83) beat Johnny Nelson (26.19) 3 - 0 in a game where it was closer than the score-line reflects. The result being down to clinical finishing from Collins.
Kevin Edwards (25.17), drawn out yet again in his favourite place, last, had to battle well against Steve Enever (24.14) to secure the win for Harwich. Both players hit 180's but it was Edwards who hit the doubles to win 3 - 1.
 Cressing 6 Harwich 6 (28/10/10)
Both teams should be happy with a draw as very little separated them.
Alan Collins (22.28) and Marcus Smith (14.06) were blitzed by Al Hedman (18.39) and the very impressive Mick Caine (39.41) in 35 darts. Caine scored heavily including a 180.
Kevin Edwards (19.05) and Nick Groves (22.50) had struck up a good partnership but both seem to have lost their way at the same time and they were left behind by Tim Franklin (23.95) and Stuart Mortimer (26.21) who won in 40 darts.
Simon Cook (30.61) and Kevin Cook (28.13) thrashed Chris Bowring (19.61) and John Mortimer (20.33) in 34 darts with Kevin Cook hitting a 180.
Scott Lawrie (38.61) and Jason Warren (20.40) also won very easily in just 33 darts against Dave Gwilliams (22.17) and Leigh Beeton (19.20). Lawrie was in fine form hitting a 180 and a 174 in the process.
Scott Lawrie (26.39) was straight back on and for once struggled having set himself such a high standard. His opponent Leigh Beeton (24.90) almost took advantage but Lawrie came through 3 - 2 and hit another 180 along the way.
Alan Collins (23.95) met wily old campaigner Al Hedman (23.16) and it was the Cressing man who came out on top 3 - 1 in an evenly matched game. Collins had a 100 finish but it was Hedman who finished the better in the other legs.
Kevin Edwards (27.61) is a phenominal player considering he only picks up his darts once a week and yet again turned in a great performance to see off Stuart Mortimer (22.54) 3 - 1. Edwards hit a 180 and finished with 2 x 15 dart legs.
Marcus Smith (22.40) had a game to forget as he lost 3 - 0 to Dave Gwilliams (24.24).
Nick Groves (19.78) beat John Mortimer 3 - 0 (18.68) where 1 leg ruined both mens averages as they got to double 1 and could not hit it. Mortimer did however hit a 180.
Kevin Cook (21.78) and Chris Bowring (21.70) will want to forget this game too. Bowring coming out on top 3 - 1.
The game of the night undoubtedly was Simon Cook (25.27) and Tim Franklin (26.65). Franklin raced into a 2 - 0 lead aided by a 180 as Cook struggled to find the range. Cook then found it and aided by a 180 made it 2 - 2. Cook then kicked off the final leg 180, 85 and 125 with Franklin answering 140, 60 and 140, Cook missed doubles with his 14th and 15th darts only for Franklin to take out a brilliant 106 to settle a great game.
Jason Warren (22.91) was given a rare outing that he richly deserved and he had to face Mick Caine (23.23) who has recently been in a rich vein of form. In a game that ebbed and flowed the Harwich man came out on top 3 - 2 after being 240 down in the last leg and every leg going against the darts.
 Harwich 4 Hockley 8 (21/10/10)
Hockley out-classed Harwich with a superb team performance and clinical finishing. The pairs being so crucial as always with Harwich having a shot at a double in all four but only coming away with one win.
Scot Lawrie (33.33) and Peter Barton (20.06) lost their unbeaten record to Jimmy Allison (28.74) and Steve Smith (25.28) in 37 darts with Barton having a dart at double top.
Simon Cook (24.67) and Mick Chambers (24.61) lost to John McFall (25.15) and Gary Phipps (27.67) in 38 darts with Cook putting all three darts along the double top wire for a win.
Kevin Edwards (27.57) and Nick Groves (23.44) got Harwich off the mark with a win in 39 darts over Darrell Claydon (30.90) and Mick Baglow (19.56) as for once the Hockley pair missed a double. Edwards hit a 180.
Alan Collins (24.08) and Marcus Smith (26.17) lost to the high scoring Michael Wiles (27.32) and Shaun Walsh (27.06) in 37 darts with Collins just missing bulls-eye for the game.
Nick Groves (23.56) never settled as Darrell Claydon (26.37) finished well and won 3 - 0.
Simon Cook (26.71) lost 3 - 1 to county stalwart John McFall (28.17) in a game that might have been different had Cook had more luck with a double in the first leg. Cook hit a 174 but McFall was awesome as he hit 3 x 180's.
Alan Collins (27.88) was very focused and beat Mick Baglow (26.35) 3 - 1 in a game of excellent finishing by both players with Baglow getting the best finish, 145.
Marcus Smith (24.31) came out of the blocks asleep and go 2 - 0 down to county A man Gary Phipps (25.69) but came storming back with finishes of 93 and 116 to make it 2 - 2 only for Phipps to go out on 94 for an 18 dart leg with Smith in front.
Adrian Genery (24.27) walked into an on-fire Michael Wiles (31.31) who won in 19, 12 and 17 darts and hitting a 180.
Mick Chambers (20.88) lost to Jimmy Allison (24.75) 3 - 1.
Scot Lawrie (28.36) was rock solid as he beat Steve Smith (25.49) 3 - 0.
Kevin Edwards (28.34) had a ding dong battle with Shaun Walsh (27.78) and for the third week running went 2 - 0 up, the last two weeks he lost 3 - 2 but this time had some luck as Walsh missed and he hit for a 3 - 2 win. Both players hit 180's, Walsh had a 12 dart leg and Edwards had a 108 finish.
 Springfield 7 Harwich 5 (14/10/10)
Harwich were disappointed with this defeat as they let games slip even though Springfield played very well, Scot Lawrie being on holiday could well have been a major factor.
Simon Cook (23.65) and Kevin Cook (21.76) took the opening pairs off the Harris brothers, George (26.19) and Mick (18.62).
Wayne Mardle (26.83) and Alan Collins (28.77) are just beginning to gel and they beat Mark Landers (21.44) and Jimmy Noone (25.17) with Collins finishing on 110.
The previously unbeaten Kevin Edwards (23.52) and Nick Groves (22.76) were unlucky when Groves wired double 16 only for Phil Brewster (25.00) to take out double top for a win with partner Darren Peetoom (23.86).
Peter Barton (20.28) and Marcus Smith (23.33) were walloped by the high scoring Mick Peel (27.78) and Wayne Gleed (31.31) in only 34 darts.
Peel (29.46) was straight back on to face Wayne Mardle (31.10) and what a cracker this game was. Mardle took the first in 18 darts, back came Peel in 13 darts, Mardle took the third in 16 darts and then unexpectedly Peel tried to shoot out on 60 when he wanted 160, Mardle took full advantage and went out in 16 darts again.
Alan Collins (24.76) will wonder how he lost his game with Mark Landers (25.39) 3 - 2. Collins hit a 180 and was in complete control at 2 - 0 up but then had a poor leg and missed doubles in the last two legs let in Landers who is too classy a player to spurn opportunities.
Adrian Genery (21.59) was given a run out after being in the victorious fours team the previous week but ran into an on fire Darren Peetoom (28.07). Peetoom hit 2 x 180's and won 3 - 2 as Genery showed signs that he is on the way back.
Simon Cook (24.73) at last got off the mark with a win over Wayne Gleed (25.41). Cook hit a 180 and won 3 - 1.
Mick Chambers (19.25) was put to the sword by a very impressive Phil Brewster (31.98). The county man winning 3 - 0 in 14, 17 and 16 darts.
Nick Groves (25.99) hit straight back with a hard fought win over Mick Harris (24.68). Groves winning 3 - 1.
At 5 - 5 Harwich were hoping for at least a share of the spoils but things went wrong as Kevin Edwards (25.73) let a 2 - 1 lead slip and George Harris (25.16) came storming past with two 17 dart legs for a 3 - 2 win. Both players hit a 180.
Peter Barton (24.49) lost the last game 3 - 0 to Jimmy Noone (24.24) as both players search for their form that made them county players.
 Teams of 4 (10/10/10)
Harwich players had an excellent run in the 4s cup with their A team Wayne Mardle, Kevin Edwards, Adrian Genery and Alan Collins winning the competition overall.
They had to come through some tough games winning 2 - 1 every round bar the semi-final where they beat Basildon 2 - 0.
In the final they overcame Riverside A Robbie Turner, Craig Vickers, Barry Adlam and Martin Compton 2 - 1.
Harwich B Scot Lawrie, Nick Groves, Mick Chambers and Peter Barton reached the last 8 before losing to Colchester A in a cracking match that went all the way.
Harwich C Simon Cook, Kevin Cook, Jason Warren and Marcus lost in the last 16.
The surprise package of the night was Harwich D made up of Harwich captain George Lord, Andrew Barton, Hockley captain Doug Gerrard and Brentwood player Paul Sedge. They played superbly to see off Springfield B, a team of 4 former county players, 2 - 0 then Thorpe A 2 - 0 before losing in the last 8 to Springfield A who hit an incredible 19 dart 801 leg to beat the Harwich side.

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