Hockley 7 Harwich 5 (22/10/09)
Harwich will think that life is not fair after this and the previous result when they came away with nothing to show for their hard efforts. They could ill afford missed chances against the best side in the county but must take heart from a fantastic game that yeilded 168 tons that included 7 ton plus finishes.
Harwich made the perfect start when Scott Lawrie (30.10) and Mick Chambers (22.17) beat the previously unbeaten Jimmy Allison (29.72) and Michael Wiles (27.22) in the first pairs.
Adrian Genery (19.93) and Simon Cook (24.47) were thrashed by Darrell Claydon (30.18) and Mick Baglow (32.93) in only 32 darts.
Alan Collins (21.08) and Peter Barton (23.38) will wonder how they lost to Mark Landers (26.22) and Shaun Walsh (21.81) missing 8 darts at a double.
Kevin Edwards (24.50) and Stuart Elmer (25.89) lost out to John McFall (26.95) and Gary Phipps (25.67) in the last pairs and Harwich had a mountain to climb.
Stuart Elmer (23.63), making his singles debut, played steadily but opponent Mark Landers (27.33) is a class act and won 3 - 0.
Adrian Genery (27.54) was on one of his famous missions racing back from Basingstoke to reach the venue just in time and he made it all worth-while when he beat Shaun Walsh (27.80) 3 - 2 in a magnificent match that ebbed and flowed. Walsh had a 105 finish and Genery had a 2 dart 100 finish and there were 22 scores of 100 or more in the game.
Kevin Edwards (23.54) suffered missed doubles in the 1st and 2nd legs of his game with Jimmy Allison (26.56) and paid the price losing 3 - 1 in a game he could have won 3 - 0. Allison had a 101 finish in the 1st leg.
Alan Collins (29.38) was another to come straight to the venue from work and played his best game to date with a superb 3 - 1 win over John McFall (27.85). McFall hit a 180 and Collins had a brilliant 135 finish.
Scott Lawrie (29.31) continued his impressive start to the season with a fine 3 - 1 win over Mick Baglow (23.92). Baglow had a 124 finish and Lawrie hit a 180 and a 116 finish.
Simon Cook (25.10) and Gary Phipps (26.83) draw one another every year and this time it was the turn of the Hockley man to win, 3 - 2. Phipps hit 2 x 180's and came back from 2 - 1 down.
Peter Barton (24.29), nursing a hand injury that barely allowed him to hold a dart, battled superbly to see off Darrell Claydon (26.26) 3 - 2 . Claydon hit a 180 and there were 22 scores of 100 or more in the game.
Mick Chambers (21.83) should have gone 1 up against Michael Wiles (22.52) but bust, made it 1 - 1, went 2 - 1 down, made it 2 - 2 and the tension grew. Wiles raced into a lead only for Chambers to come back, then both players struggled to find the winning double, Wiles eventually doing so with his 29th dart.
 Harwich 6 Colchester 6 (15/10/09)
Harwich had to settle for a point with old adversaries Colchester after leading for most of the singles and had to rely on a super show from Scott Lawrie for the draw.
Colchester drew first blood when Kevin Edwards (28.24) and Jason Warren (14.89) lost to Jamie Robinson (29.52) and Paul Walker (20.58). Robinson hitting a 180 with the first throw.
Scott Lawrie (33.11) and Mick Chambers (22.50) hit back with a win over Paul Copeland (27.67) and Dave Bokenham (18.80) in 36 darts with Lawrie hitting a 180.
Alan Collins (25.87) and Peter Barton (21.20) found Coen Wiekamp (36.75) and Eddie Gosling (27.53) in irrepressible form and the Colchester duo ran out winners in 31 darts.
Adrian Genery (34.00) and Simon Cook (22.88) made it all level as they brushed aside Chris Bowring (24.61) and Dave Gwilliams (27.87) in 35 darts.
Adrian Genery (28.24) was quickly back in action as was Dave Gwilliams (24.39) and it was the Harwich man who had to come from 2 - 1 down to win 3 - 2 in fine style. Gwilliams hit a 180 but this should give Genery a lift after struggling recently.
Kevin Edwards (26.84) beat Eddie Gosling (26.61) 3 - 0 in a close encounter that the score-line did not reflect.
Alan Collins (27.27) is yet to win at home and this performance would have won 8 out of 10 games however Dave Bokenham (28.90) hit trebles for fun and romped to a superb 3 - 0 win.
Peter Barton (26.37) was another in fine form and raced to a 3 - 0 win over Chris Bowring (25.89) with some clinical finishing.
At 5 - 3 up it was looking good for Harwich but the next 3 games ebbed and flowed and all eventually fell the way of Colchester.
Firstly Simon Cook (25.05) went 2 - 1 up only to lose to Coen Wiekamp (25.05) 3 - 2. Jason Warren (22.87) went 2 - 0 down to Jamie Robinson (22.01), hit a 180 and made it 2 - 2 before losing 3 - 2. Kevin Cook (22.58) also hit a 180 but lost 3 - 2 to Paul Walker (22.80) and was so unlucky not to finish on 160 having been dead and buried.
Harwich had to rely on Scot Lawrie (33.40) for a draw, the least they deserved, and Lawrie was in magnificent form beating Paul Copeland (23.80) 3 - 0 in 13, 15 and 17 darts.
 Chelmsford 3 Harwich 9 (02/10/09)
Harwich at last turned up with a better performance especially in the pairs to open up a critical 4 - 0 lead over basement side Chemsford.
Scot Lawrie (28.11) and new partner Mick Chambers (33.00) opened the match with a great 33 dart leg win over Daniel Bowers (20.67) and Sam Lepley (22.07). Lawrie had a 101 finish and Chambers hit 4 scores of 100 or more.
Alan Collins (28.94) and Peter Barton (35.87) raised the standard even higher with a superb win over Jason Walsh (20.89) and Steve Smith (15.13) in only 31 darts. Barton hitting 4 scores of 100 or more.
Adrian Genery (19.19) and Simon Cook (31.47) also ran out easy winners over Alan Church (19.52) and Vernon Walsh (18.00) with Cook hitting 4 scores of 100 or more.
Kevin Edwards (17.35) and new partner Jason Warren (28.67) made it 4 - 0 with a win over Simon Whalley (23.04) and Dean Willsher (17.43).
Adrian Genery (27.83) was back to his best as clinched his 3 - 0 win over Vernon Walsh (20.03) with a 13 dart leg.
Scot Lawrie (25.91) finished his match with a 119 checkout to beat Dean Willsher (21.89) 3 - 0.
Alan Collins (29.81) had a superb game with Simon Whalley (25.85). Whalley was unlucky in a couple of legs but Collins was critical with his finishing and had a 12 dart leg that included a 180 and a 116 finish. Whalley also hit a 180.
Jason Warren (24.49) has waited 3 years for a singles win for Harwich but has not had many chances to do so. This time he came out of the traps like Usain Bolt hitting 2 x 180's and 14 and 18 dart legs. He then slowed before completing a well deserved win over Alan Church (22.99).
Mick Chambers (23.22) also had a rare opportunity but found Steve Haggerty (24.64) in good form. The Chelmsford man hitting a 180 in his 3 - 0 win.
Simon Cook (26.31) must have wondered how he lost to Mark Chapman (21.69) 3- 2. Chapman hit crucial scores including a 180 and doubles at the right time.
Peter Barton (22.30) had to pull out all the stops to beat the talented Sam Lepley (21.45) 3 - 2.
For a change Kevin Edwards (26.55) was last (4 weeks in a row) and yet again he had a fight on his hands with young Daniel Bowers (25.84). Bowers took the first leg in 15 darts with a 128 finish, Edwards took the next in 15 darts with a 180 and an 80 checkout, back came Bowers with a 74 finish only for Edwards to make it 2 - 2 with a 76 finish. Unfortunately Edwards missed the double in the final leg and Bowers gratefully accepted his chance.
 Harwich 8 Thurrock 4 (25/09/09)
Harwich struggled yet again with a Thurrock side that might well have left Little Oakley Memorial Club with a point with a bit better finishing.
Skipper took the opportunity to look at a couple of players and in the first pairs Stuart Elmer (27.11) did not disappoint, he and stalwart Kevin Edwards (24.43) beat Mick McCombe (29.28) and Keith Petrie (19.66) in 39 darts as the Thurrock pair were unlucky with hitting a double.
Alan Collins (25.95) and Peter Barton (21.84) just pipped Liam Pender (27.28) and the 180 throwing Steve Girling (23.50).
Scott Lawrie (23.71) and Ben Attridge (18.00) were very lucky to dig out a win as Simon Barry (16.92) and Steve Cox (24.46) missed their double.
Simon Cook (15.73) and Kevin Cook (24.67) just saw off Pete Tompkins (19.33) and George Webb (20.05) to make it a clean sweep in the pairs.
Scott Lawrie (25.91) was solid as he won 3 - 0 against Roy Crabb (19.84).
Marcus Smith (20.35) has been a shadow of himself this term and lost 3 - 0 to a steady performance from Simon Barry (24.64) who had a 102 finish.
Simon Cook (26.84) has been very impressive of late and swept aside Steve Cox (19.75) 3 - 0.
Adrian Genery (22.20) was 2 - 1 up when Micky Squelch (21.05) hit him with 2 bulls-eye finishes, the fourth leg 94 on the bull and the final leg with a great 164 finish.
Alan Collins (24.67) appeared to be in control of his game but missed doubles and young Liam Pender (24.35) gratefully accepted his chances to win 3 - 1, hitting a 177 on the way.
Kevin Cook (22.36) also failed to spark and was beaten by Mick McCombe (24.02). The Thurrock man hit a 180 in a 3 - 1 win.
Peter Barton (22.10) at last clinched the win with a 3 - 0 win over Jimmy Myers (20.80). Barton scored poorly gut took out finishes of 84, 90 and 80.
The last game was the best of the night as Kevin Edwards (27.78) beat Pete Tompkins (24.79) 3 - 1. Tompkins hit 2 x 180's but Edwards replied with a 180, a 177 and a 114 finish.
 Maldon 5 Harwich 7 (17/09/09)
Harwich had to show all their fignting qualities to turn a deficet into a win against A division new boys Maldon.
Scott Lawrie (28.24) and Marcus Smith (19.14) lost to Trevor Pratt (22.43) and Graham Bacon (28.42) in the first pairs despite Lawrie hitting 177.
Things got worse as Kevin Edwards (29.00) and Peter Barton (26.17) lost the next to Kevin Cottiss (23.76) and Steve Prow (27.89).
Simon Cook (28.75) and Kevin Cook (23.67) got a win as they beat a struggling Trevor Stacey (20.39) and James Wright (11.17).
Alan Collins (20.61) and Adrian (21.67) haven't gelled yet and Nick Groves (27.83) and Stuart Bull (27.78) took full advantage with Bull finishing on 118.
A big effort was required in the singles and Simon Cook (28.88) lead the way with another superb match against Nick Groves (24.60). Cook winning 3 - 1.
Alan Collins (26.93) amended for his pairs defeat with a solid 3 - 1 win over Graham Bacon (25.57). Collins hit a 180 and Bacon had a 119 finish.
Kevin Cook (26.84) was into his stride early to dispose of John Abbott (21.82) 3 - 0.
Scott Lawrie (27.83) coasted to a 3 - win over Trevor Stacey (22.50). Lawrie was as impressive as ever but has a little habit of missing a double in one leg creeping into his game, hence 9 darts at a double in the last leg.
Peter Barton (26.95) was involved in the game of the night with Kevin Cottiss (27.80). Cottiss coming out on top 3 - 2 curtesy of a 102 finish in the final leg in brilliant game that saw both big men swop blow for blow.
Marcus Smith (21.27) was never at rest with the pitch and Stuart Bull (24.12) took full advantage to win 3 - 1 with the aid of a 180.
Adrian Genery (25.91) struggled early on but came to life with a 3 - 0 win over Carl Jasper (23.70) that included a 120 finish.
The fight back was complete when Kevin Edwards (24.24) beat Steve Prow (20.74) 3 - 0 to win the match for Harwich.
Maldon should take great heart from this result at a superb venue and will cause a few shocks this season.
 Harwich 4 Southend 8 (13/09/09)
Harwich made a disasterous start to the new superleague season with a pasting from an inform Southend team.
Kevin Edwards (19.75) and Peter Barton (22.91) put the home side 1 up in a poor opening game with Heath Frost (20.29) and Graeme Mills (21.00).
Southend hit back in the next with Simon Cook (26.38) and Kevin Cook (24.11) losing to Paul Barham (26.83) and Mick Peel (28.77).
Harwich' most reliable pair, Scott Lawrie (35.00) and Marcus Smith (29.73) blitzed Stephen Kiamil (19.61) and Richard Watering (20.93) in only 32 darts.
Alan Collins (26.00) and an out of sorts Adrian Genery (19.76) lost the last pairs to Steve Maish (21.67) and Terry Rose (26.00).
Kevin Cook (22.72) had no answer to county A man Mick Peel (25.05) who romped to a 3 - 0 win.
Marcus Smith (27.26) was involved in a superb match with Graeme Mills (27.85), the Southend man coming out a 3 - 1 winner with great finishes of 99, 73 and 101.
The next match was even better but unfortunately another defeat for Harwich. This time Simon Cook (28.91) losing to P.D.C. player Steve Maish (29.24) 3 - 1. Maish had a 180 and a 116 finish.
Scott Lawrie (34.95) was electric as brushed aside Richard Watering (22.97) 3 - 0. Lawrie won in 18 (6 darts at a double), 14 and 11 darts, hitting 2 x 180's and a 100 finish.
Adrian Genery (22.41) was a shadow of himself, nursing a shoulder injury, and lost 3 - 1 to Stephen Kiamil (24.90) 3 - 1. Kiamil hit a 180.
Peter Barton (24.23) gave his all hitting a 180 and a brilliant 170 finish but it was not enough to see off the resilient Terry Rose (24.90) who came through to win 3 - 2.
Alan Collins (27.57) lost 3 - 1 to the impressive young Paul Barham (26.97) 3 - 1. Barham hitting a 180 and a 100 finish to win the game.
Kevin Edwards (22.77) won the last for Harwich with a 3 - 0 win over Heath Frost (21.89).
 Harwich 12 Burntwood 0 (21/05/09)
Harwich secured the runners up spot with an emphatic white-wash of basement side Burntwood who were depleted as a car broke down on the way to the venue.
Skipper George Lord said this was a magnificent acheivment as the team had regularly suffered set backs and indeed were only in fourth place going into the last 3 games. The team spirit was the one thing that kept us going.
Kevin Edwards (30.89) and Adrian Genery (26.18) won the opening pairs in 35 darts against Mark Banham (27.00) and Darren Blackwood (19.17).
Simon Cook (20.92) and Kevin Cook (23.76) made it 2 - 0 with a win over Paul Harrison (23.95) and Peter Weller (21.33) curteousy of Simon Cook's 104 finish.
Then Harwich's most reliable pair over the years, Scott Lawrie (28.82) and Marcus Smith (34.07) hit back to back 180's in beating Steve Johnson (21.06) and John Wastenage (20.27) in only 32 darts.
The last pair was conceded as Burntwood only had 6 players.
Scott Lawrie (30.67) was straight back on and won in 15, 15 and 19 darts against Peter Weller (24.25). Lawrie's finishing was imperious as he went out on 117 and 154.
Kevin Edwards (26.20) beat Darren Blackwood (25.42) 3 - 1, the Burntwood mans winning leg was with a 112 checkout.
Adrian Genery (25.47) warmed up for the Reebok event on Sky sports next week with a 3 - 0 win over John Wastenage (20.23). Genery had a 110 finish.
Kevin Cook (25.05) finished well to see off the challenge of Mark Banham (20.09) 3 - 0.
Peter Barton (24.95) had to fight all the way to the winning line to win 3 - 2 after falling 2 - 0 down to the impressive Paul Harrison (23.14).
Simon Cook (28.44) knew he had a major game on in the shape of ex PDC player Steve Johnson (30.94) and Cook came out a 3 - 1 winner in a magnificent game. Cook's winning legs were in 19, 17 and 17 darts and Johnson's leg came via an 11 dart leg, 180, 100, 180 and game shot on 41.
 Chelmsford 4 Harwich 8 (14/05/09)
This was another imperative win as Harwich chase the runners up spot.
They got off to the worst possible start with Adrian Genery (21.92) and George Lord (22.14) both missing doubles to let Andy Kateley (24.83) and Mel Sylvester (20.48) take the opening leg.
Simon Cook (34.65) and Kevin Cook (27.47) have been bang in form of late and did not let the side down as they romped to a win in only 32 darts over Vinnie Walsh (24.56) and Dave Wright (16.27).
Scott Lawrie (27.76) and Marcus Smith (21.35) made it 2 - 1 with a win over Wayne Bloomfield (18.33) and Peter Cable (26.39).
The lead was extended with a win from Kevin Edwards (30.81) and Peter Barton (19.67) over Harry Smith (24.00) and Paul Jennings (22.50).
Kevin Edwards (28.29) is a man on form at the moment and he beat old adversary Harry Smith (23.50) 3 - 1 hitting 2 x 180's in the process.
Marcus Smith (23.84) battled all the way with county man Andy Kateley (25.08), just losing out 3 - 2 to the 180 hitting Chelmsford player.
Simon Cook (25.91) demonstrated what a talent he is with a comprehensive 3 - 0 win over Wayne Bloomfield (23.76).
Adrian Genery (21.74) paid for the long chase back from Salisbury to make the game and although far from his best was rewarded with a 3 - 1 win over Mel Sylvester (21.28).
Scott Lawrie (26.03) made sure of the victory with a 3 - 1 win against Daniel Bowers (21.48).
Kevin Cook (23.48) stretched the lead with a fine 3 - 0 against Jason Walsh (21.35).
Peter Barton (22.41) for once was bullied and lost out 3 - 0 to the high scoring Vinnie Walsh (23.12).
Skipper George Lord (19.89) could afford to relax but still struggled and lost 3 - 1 to the free scoring Peter Cable (23.62).
 Colchester 5 Harwich 7 (07/05/09)
Harwich overcame second placed Colchester to give themseves a real chance of being runners up in the league. Indeed Harwich sometimes wish they played their local rivals every week as they seem to bring out the best of them as a team average of 26.91 proves the point.
Kevin Edwards (22.46) and Peter Barton (22.95) gave Harwich the perfect start with a win over Paul Walker (27.10) and Bryan Willis (16.71).
Simon Cook (33.33) and Kevin Cook (33.40) were on fire as a pair and soundly beat Dave Bokenham (26.47) and Dave Warner (31.07) in superb match. The Cooks won in only 30 darts with Kevin Cook finishing on 120.
The next match was as good if not better with Scott Lawrie (41.27) trading blow for blow with fellow county A team-mate Coen Wiekamp (40.20). Their partners, Marcus Smith (19.67) and Eddie Gosling (26.53), took a back seat although Gosling did hit the finish for another 30 dart leg. Both Lawrie and Wiekamp hit 180's.
The last pairs was always going to be important and it was the Harwich pair of Adrian Genery (31.14) and George Lord (18.26) who were victors over Chris Bowring (24.71) and Dave Gwilliams (24.67). Genery hit a 180 and although Lord struggled with scoring he planted the all important double top first dart.
Adrian Genery (31.31) was straight back on for the opening singles and he did not disappoint with a super 3 - 0 win over Bryan Willis (26.49). Genery hit his second 180 of the night and had winning legs of 13, 17 and 18 darts.
Mick Chambers (19.62) was given the opportunity to fill the number 8 birth, but as like George Lord and Ben Attridge cannot cement himself into the team. Eddie Gosling (22.80) was far from his best but good enough to win 3 - 1. Chambers did hit a 180 and Gosling a 177.
Simon Cook (26.14) lost out to the impressive Dave Warner (25.94) 3 - 1. Warner proving to be a difficult opponent to shift once he has a lead.
Kevin Cook (24.85) was always just behind Paul Walker (25.47) who won 3 - 0 with some clinical finishing.
Scott Lawrie (27.79) had to come from 1 - 0 down to see off the challenge of Dave Bokenham (23.89). Once into his stride Lawrie found cruise control and won 3 - 1, hitting another 180 and winning legs of 16, 17 and 17 darts.
Kevin Edwards (31.98) will be the first to admit he has not been playing the high standard he has set himself but he often rises to the challenge of playing against his former team-mates. Indeed he had to be at his very best to beat county A man Coen Wiekamp 3 - 0. Wiekamp hit a 180 and Edwards winning legs were in 14, 18 and 15 darts.
Marcus Smith (24.05) tried his hardest and shocked Chris Bowring (22.89) with a 180 and opening leg of 13 darts. Bowring to his credit came back well and won 3 - 1.
Cometh the hour cometh the man and in the eyes of skipper George Lord, Peter Barton has been Harwich's player of the year.
Everyone knows what this gentle giant with a machine gun rapid fire throw can do and this year he has fulfilled that promise with a county call up. Barton (26.03) was well pumped up to clinch this all important match with a 3 - 1 over Dave Gwilliams (23.86).
 Harwich 6 Southend 6 (23/04/09)
The season goes from bad to worse as Harwich couldn't fight their way out of a packet of crisps. Harwich were without Kevin Cook and George Lord, both due to ankle injuries.
Adrian Genery (21.72) and Ben Attridge (19.67) were soundly beaten in 35 darts by Graeme Mills (24.39) and Mick Peel (33.06) in the opener.
Scott Lawrie (26.05) and Marcus Smith (25.22) made it 1 - 1 in beating Sam Ayres (18.89) and Terry Rose (20.17).
Kevin Edwards (25.33) and Peter Barton (32.06) put Harwich in front with a win in 35 darts against the high scoring Paul Marsh (36.56) and Paul Barham (17.94).
Simon Cook (28.39) and Jason Warren (25.00) just lost out to Stephen Kiamil (26.78) and the impressive Richard Watering (29.94) in 34 darts.
Ben Attridge (21.66) did everything but win, seldom has anybody wired so many doubles and a handsome win turned into a 3 - 1 defeat to Graeme Mills (21.21). Attridge hit 2 x 180's.
Scott Lawrie (25.35) was steady as Paul Marsh (24.67) tried hard, Lawrie winning 3 - 1 and Marsh having a 12 dart leg, 140, 140, 97 and 124 out.
Marcus Smith (22.47) struggled to get into his match with Stephen Kiamil (23.98) and lost 3 - 1.
Kevin Edwards (25.50) met his old adversary, Terry Rose (25.18), and this time it was the Southend man's turn to come out on top, 3 - 1.
Adrian Genery (27.33) concentrated well to beat Sam Ayres (17.91) who must be congratulated in his continued fight with dartitis at this high level. Genery hit a 177 with his first 3 darts and won 3 - 0.
Simon Cook (23.46) had a shock in store as young Paul Barham (23.74) so nearly beat the Essex man. Both players hit a 180 and it was Cook who won 3 - 2.
Jason Warren (19.93) could not get to grips with County A man Mick Peel (21.47). Peel was far from his best but hit a 180 in a 3- 0 win.
It was left to Peter Barton (22.79) to secure a draw and it went to the last leg of the night before he did so as Richard Watering (18.95) pushed him all the way.

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