Riverside 7 Harwich 5 (16/04/09)
Another tame effort by Harwich sees them dropping down the table after what seems like an endless season with still no sign of the finish.
Adrian Genery (26.11) and George Lord (28.60) got off to the perfect start with a win over Phil Cox (26.50) and Robbie Caton (28.22) in the first pairs in 37 darts.
Simon Cook (30.67) and Jason Warren (20.87) lost to the former London pairing of Dave Solly (30.33) and Paul Doherty (30.33) in only 33 darts.
Kevin Edwards (23.13) and Peter Barton (17.75) were a shadow of themselves as they lost to the 180 hitting Barry Adlam (23.58) and Alan Collins (19.77).
Scott Lawrie (32.60) and Marcus Smith (19.39) made it 2 - 2 in beating Martin Compton (26.00) and Charlie Preston (22.78) in 38 darts.
Simon Cook (25.45) lost 3 - 1 to Paul Doherty (25.13) in the opening singles.
Kevin Edwards (24.90) lost the next 3 - 2 to Martin Compton (24.09).
Scott Lawrie (28.57) lost to fellow county A player Alan Collins (27.83) 3 - 2 in a superb match that went to the wire. Collins winning the fourth leg in only 12 darts, 180, 140, 100 and game shot on 81.
Peter Barton (23.95) got back into the winning habit with a 3 - 1 win over Robbie Caton (22.86).
Adrian Genery (25.47) also played a county A team-mate, Barry Adlam (24.13) and won 3 - 0. Genery finished the first leg on the bullseye for a 126 finish.
Skipper George Lord (20.32) played his first singles of the season and went 1 - 0 up against Phil Cox (26.05) only for the wheels to completely fall off and lose 3 - 1.
Ben Attridge (23.56) grabbed his chance with a battling 3 - 2 win over former county man Charlie Preston (23.81). Preston hit his customary 180.
Marcus Smith (23.52) had to win to make it a draw but ran into a top form Dave Solly (28.36). Solly hit a 180 and coasted to a 3 - 0 victory.
 Springfield 6 Harwich 6 (12/04/09)
Harwich's team spirit appears to be diminishing fast and another dropped point sees them drop to 3rd place in the league. Springfield, especially the Harris brothers, played one of their best games of the season and a draw was a fair result.
Adrian Genery (26.67) and George Lord (19.10) missed 4 darts at a double and Darren Peetoom (24.38) and Phil Brewster (24.45) took their chance in the first pairs.
Kevin Edwards (20.62) and Peter Barton (26.11) lost the next to Andy Burmby (23.43) and Alex Tinsley (26.79).
Simon Cook (22.14) and Kevin Cook (23.52) finally got Harwich off the mark with a win against Jimmy Noone (25.66) and Ashley Evans (20.10).
Scot Lawrie (30.35) and Marcus Smith (21.88) made it all square in beating George Harris (20.43) and Mick Harris (31.55) after the Springfield pair had no luck with hitting a double.
Mick Chambers (22.48) lost 3 - 1 to George Harris (29.00) who rolled back the years with a great game that included a 180 and winning legs of 17, 15 and 14 darts.
Adrian Genery (23.84) beat county team-mate Jimmy Noone (22.75) 3 - 1 in a somewhat subdued match.
Kevin Cook (22.84) did like-wise as he beat Harwich old boy Andy Burmby (23.94) 3 -1.
Kevin Edwards (26.63) lost 3 - 1 to county A captain Darren Peetoom (26.63) in an even contest. Peetoom hitting a 177 in a match winning leg of 13 darts.
The turning point in the match hinged on the next game when Peter Barton (26.75) did brilliantly to stay in contention with Phil Brewster (26.71). At 2 - 0 down after missing doubles, Barton made it 2 - 1, Brewster then kicked off 180, 100, 100 and 97 only for Barton to make it 2 - 2 with a 14 dart leg. Final leg, roles are reversed as Barton storms off only for Brewster to come back and win with a 14 dart leg, 40, 100, 140, 180 and 41 out.
Scot Lawrie (23.16) got revenge for an earlier defeat by Alex Tinsley (23.93) with a 3 - 1 win that could have been so much better but for 12 missed darts at a double.
Marcus Smith (24.75) had no reply to an on fire Micky Harris (30.67). Harris hit a 180 and legs of 16, 13 and 20 darts.
Simon Cook (24.61) had to battle all the way to clinch a draw when beating fellow county B player Ashley Evans (23.85) 3 - 2. Evans had the consolation of hitting a 180.
 Harwich 3 Hockley 9 (26/03/09)
This has to go down as Harwich's worst performance since they formed, not the ideal time as they were facing runaway leaders Hockley who now need only 1 point from 6 games to win the league.
It had started so brightly for Harwich with Simon Cook (28.78) and Kevin Cook (32.20) on fire against top Hockley duo Jimmy Allison (30.83) and Micheal Wiles (20.33). Kevin Cook hit a 180 as the Harwich pair finished in 33 darts.
Kevin Edwards (23.58) and Peter Barton (19.48) failed to capitalise on a poor show from Johnny McFall (28.48) and Gary Phipps (16.48) and lost to the Hockley pair even though Edwards hit a 180.
Scott Lawrie (28.24) and Marcus Smith (32.20) were superb as they romped to victory over Darryll Claydon (21.72) and Mick Baglow (22.13) in only 32 darts.
Adrian Genery (21.13) and Mick Chambers (16.76) lost the last pairs in an appauling game to Mark Landers (25.73) and Sean Walsh (20.71).
Peter Barton (23.37) struggled with the firepower of recent Maldon open winner Mark Landers (22.25). Barton fought all the way, losing 3 - 2 as fellow county B player Landers finishing let him down at times.
Kevin Cook (19.81) had been playing well recently but had a game to forget. County A player Jimmy Allison (27.83) winning 3 - 0 without breaking sweat.
Kevin Edwards (25.38) is allways up for a big game and he had to come from 2 - 1 down to see off the challenge of Darryll Claydon (24.43). Edwards hit a 180 and had a finish of 119 on the bullseye.
Adrian Genery (25.79) met fellow county A star Johnny McFall (31.69) in sublime form. Genery won his only leg with a 130 finish on the bullseye but found McFall in overdrive as he hit 3 x 180's and won the match with an 86 finish on the bullseye.
Mick Chambers (21.96) has looked far from comfortable in recent weeks and he lost out 3 - 0 to Micheal Wiles (25.05). Wiles hit a 180.
Simon Cook (22.37) was another who performed under par as he lost 3 - 1 to county A man Gary Phipps (24.20). For once the Hockley man was beatable but Cook's finishing let him down.
Marcus Smith (23.64) was another to miss crucial doubles as Mick Baglow (24.85) took full advantage to win 3 - 1.
Scott Lawrie (23.00) met fellow county A team-mate Sean Walsh (22.64) and lost 3 - 1 in a very poor game where both players struggled with the finishing aspect of the game.
 Harwich 7 Cressing 5 (13/03/09)
Harwich gained another valuable 2 points in their quest for runners-up spot thanks to a brilliant match winning bulls-eye finish from Marcus Smith.
Kevin Edwards (31.83) and Peter Barton (25.18) yet again gave the home side a flying start with a win over Robbie Turner (27.94) and John Mortimer (14.33).
Simon Cook (25.62) and Kevin Cook (20.52) got going too late as Al Hedman (23.86) and Mick Cain (23.81) took full advantage.
Scott Lawrie (27.22) and Marcus Smith (33.00) were involved in a ding dong battle with Tim Franklin (27.33) and Stuart Mortimer (29.94). Lawrie hit a 177 but missed 3 darts at double 8 and in stepped the Cressing pair.
Adrian Genery (26.43) was reunited with old partner, skipper George Lord (22.30) and the Harwich pair were always in charge of their match with Steve Prow (20.38) and Dave Saunders (24.61) to make it 2 - 2.
Adrian Genery (28.43) was straight back on for the first singles and he beat young Stuart Mortimer (25.17) 3 - 1 hitting 2 x 180's along the way.
Kevin Cook (25.68) couldn't shake off Mick Cain (26.10) in an evenly contested match. Cook hit a 180 and Cain had a 106 finish in his 3 - 2 win over the Harwich man.
Simon Cook (27.37) was up against former British Open champion Al Hedman (26.22) and Cook had to be at his best to win 3 - 2, Hedman scoring a 180 in a 14 dart leg and Cook winning the game with a 15 dart finish.
Kevin Edwards (23.52) has been struggling just of late but still saw off the challenge of wily old campaigner John Mortimer (20.01) with a 3 - 1 win.
Peter Barton (24.35) suffered a rare defeat at the hands of a fit again Steve Prow (26.37) who romped to a 3 - 0 win.
Mick Chambers (21.62) and Dave Saunders (22.20) fought out a poor game that went all the way when Saunders suddenly found his range, winning 3 - 2 with his last 8 darts being 100, 180 and 52 game shot.
Scott Lawrie (27.42) had to face county team-mate Tim Franklin (26.57) who lead most of the way only to tail off at the end and let the former back in. In a high class match both players hit a 180 and Lawrie had a 109 finish as well.
Marcus Smith (24.96) was up against county man Robbie Turner (26.74) who had recently beaten Smith at the Essex Open. Turner opened with a 16 dart leg and hit a 180 in the next but could not find the double, Smith accepted the chance and took the next for a 2 - 1 lead. Back came Turner to make it 2 - 2. The atmosphere was becoming intense and crowd erupted when Smith shot out on 86 with a bulls-eye finish leaving Turner waiting on 60.
 Burntwood 6 Harwich 6 (26/02/09)
Once again basement team Burntwood upset high riding Harwich with a well earned draw to deny the latter a chance of cementing the runner's up spot in the league. Indeed Harwich were behind all night and probably didn't deserve a point as Burntwood produced a scintillating effort that belied their lowly position.
Adrian Genery (22.90) and Mick Chambers (20.38) once again didn't click and lost to Darren Blackwood (24.48) and Peter Weller (23.19).
The ever reliable pairing of Kevin Edwards (33.29) and Peter Barton (29.00) finished in only 32 darts to beat Mark Banham (28.72) and Grant Hammond (25.93) who were only just behind.
Simon Cook (27.33) and Kevin Cook (30.47) would have won most games but met Steve Johnson (29.83) and Phil Daldry (30.93) in top form. The Burntwood pair won in 33 darts and Simon Cook hit a 180.
Scott Lawrie (26.57), with the aid of a 180, and Marcus Smith (24.61) made it all square with a win over John Wastenage (25.86) and Paul Harrison (21.00).
Mick Chambers (20.21) lost 3 - 2 to the 180 throwing Darren Blackwood (23.80), his cause not being helped by numerous treble one's and five's.
Scott Lawrie (32.16) and Steve Johnson (33.77) produced a game worthy of being on television. Johnson took the first leg in 15 darts with a bulls-eye finish, Lawrie took the second in 14 darts and the third in 14 darts with a 100 finish, back came Johnson with a 13 dart leg and then clinched the deciding leg with a 14 darter. A truly memorable game that had 22 scores of 100 or more.
Simon Cook (24.64) beat Peter Weller (21.12) 3 - 0.
Kevin Edwards (24.81) seldom lets the team down but because of his high standards was very disappointed with his 3 - 1 defeat to Phil Daldry (25.76) who played well and kept the pressure on at all times.
Marcus Smith (25.50) somehow lost to the battling Mark Banham (21.94) 3 - 2. Smith had the satisfaction of hitting a 180.
6 - 3 down and all to play for, Adrian Genery (26.25) cruised to a 3 - 1 win over Grant Hammond (21.28).
Peter Barton (27.21) was welcomed back and boy did Harwich need him. Barton was superb as he had to fight tooth and nail to deny Paul Harrison (26.10) with a magnificent 3 - 2 win in a game that contained 23 tons or more.
Kevin Cook (23.80) had to show all his resolve as he had to come from 2 down to beat John Wastenage (21.76) 3 - 2 and grab the draw. Cook hit his customary 180 whilst Wastenage struggled to hit the winning double.
Harwich 75 tons, Burntwood 83 tons, another great match to advertise the strength of the top division of the superleague.
 Harwich 8 Chelmsford 4 (19/02/09)
This was a steady team win considering Harwich were without 2 of their county stars, Jamie Robinson and Peter Barton. Chelmsford tried hard and were a greatly improved team from first time around.
Simon Cook (28.94) and Kevin Cook (26.67) were reunited and played well to beat Mel Sylvester (26.44) and Peter Cable (26.78) in the opening pairs.
Kevin Edwards (20.95) had a rare off day in the pairs but stand in partner Ben Attridge (29.53) was on fire to beat Andy Sartorious (25.00) and Alan Church (21.50).
Another pairing to be reunited were Scot Lawrie (27.39) and Marcus Smith (23.83) but they were beaten by Harry Smith (29.26) and Paul Jennings (24.72) with Chelmsford's Smith scoring a 180.
The last pairing for Harwich, Adrian Genery (22.79) and Mick Chambers (20.43) were disappointing as the lost out to Andy Kateley (21.63) and Wayne Bloomfield (22.95).
Simon Cook (26.30) was stunned by the impressive finishing of Peter Cable (25.04) and lost 3 - 2 in a close match. Cable had finishes of 107 and 98.
Mick Chambers (23.61) was slow out of the blocks against the high scoring Andy Kateley (23.06). Although Kateley had a 126 finish the majority of the time he struggled with doubles and Chambers took full advantage to win 3 - 1.
Kevin Cook (25.14) played well again to see off the challenge of Wayne Bloomfield (22.43) and win 3 - 2.
Marcus Smith (24.01) had a scrap with ex county man Harry Smith (22.38) that went down to the wire with the Harwich man hitting a 180 and coming out on top with a 3 - 2 win.
Scot Lawrie (25.51) lost the first leg to Alan Church (23.00) but hit back to win 3 - 1.
Ben Attridge (18.44) tried his hardest to repeat his doubles effort but probably tried too hard as young Daniel Bowers (23.12) took full advantage to win 3 - 0 with the aid of a 113 finish.
Kevin Edwards (26.84) was once again in cruise control as he beat Paul Jennings (22.81) 3 - 0.
Adrian Genery (24.64) was another to win easily, 3 - 0 against Andy Sartorious (19.75), hitting a 180 in the process.
 Harwich 7 Colchester 5 (12/02/09)
This was yet another local rival classic which saw an incredible 15 180's hit, high finishes, Colchester storm into the lead and Harwich fight back for a precious win.
Adrian Genery (27.83) and Jamie Robinson (23.88) lost the first pairs to Dave Bokenham (26.80) and Mac Nagra (25.83) in 38 darts.
Skipper George Lord (25.72) picked himself for the first time this season due to Marcus Smith being unavailable and the late arrival of Peter Barton and with partner Kevin Cook (34.53) nearly caused an upset but missed a double and Coen Wiekamp (32.44) and Eddie Gosling (32.13) took the leg in only 31 darts. Wiekamp hit a 180 to which Cook immediately replied with a 180.
Kevin Edwards (34.16) and Simon Cook (21.17) also missed doubles to let in Bryan Willis (26.35) and Leigh Beeton (26.33) for another 38 dart leg.
Scot Lawrie (26.71) and Mick Chambers (17.14) gratefully took the last pairs in a poor match against Chris Bowring (17.67) and Dave Gwilliams (22.19).
Peter Barton (23.60) had chased back from London and just made the singles draw and fought hard to see off Dave Gwilliams (23.44) 3 - 2. Both players hit maximum 180's.
Mick Chambers (24.28) was given a rare chance to show what he could do and he was staring defeat in the eye as county B man Dave Bokenham (27.71) raced into a 2 - 0 lead with a 158 finish and legs of 19 and 15 darts and kicked off the next leg with a 180 but could not hit the winning double. Chambers took his chance with a 19 dart leg, an 18 dart leg with a bulls-eye finish and won the game with another 18 dart leg with a 130 finish.
Kevin Cook (26.05) hit another 180 as he beat county A stalwart Eddie Gosling (24.21) 3 - 1. Cook and Gosling seem to draw each other every game and the Harwich man came out on top this time.
Jamie Robinson (26.14) went into a 2 - 0 lead but then unusually for him missed doubles and let in former county A player Chris Bowring (26.84). Bowring grabbed the opportunity and won 3 - 2 hitting 2 x 180's and a 116 finish, Robinson hit 1 x 180.
Scott Lawrie (26.92) was another player to hit 2 x 180's and had to battle all the way with yet another former county B player, Dave Warner (24.96). Both players could have won but it was Lawrie who sneaked it 3 - 2.
Kevin Edwards (25.61) also hit a 180 and beat Leigh Beeton (24.92) 3 - 1 and could have had a much bigger average had he not missed several darts at a double.
Simon Cook (24.65) beat another former county player, Bryan Willis (24.45) 3 - 1. Willis finished on the bulls-eye first leg but Cook who hit a 180 finished strongly to show why he has been recalled to the county squad.
Adrian Genery (23.69) was another to have rushed back for the match, making just in time from Bournemouth, only to lose to his monday night team-mate Coen Wiekamp (28.36) 3 - 0. Wiekamp was very impressive and hit the fifteenth 180 of the night.
 Southend 3 Harwich 9 (29/01/09)
Since skipper George Lord's rollicking Harwich have been playing some fantastic darts with very litte reward just lately so it was nice that the whole team clicked and came up with a 9 - 3 win over Southend and a mighty impressive team average of 27.80 for the game.
The reliable pairing of Kevin Edwards (25.89) and Peter Barton (35.67) set the ball rolling with a 33 dart leg against Terry Rose (34.33) and Mick Peel (25.87). Rose hit a 180.
Adrian Genery (24.67) and Jamie Robinson (29.47) lost to Paul Marsh (35.83) and Stephen Kiamil (19.78) in 36 darts with Marsh scoring heavily, including a 180.
Scott Lawrie (35.73) and Mick Chambers (30.33) both made a welcome return to form when beating Graeme Mills (29.47) and Mel Davies (20.33) in only 30 darts with Chambers hitting a 180.
Marcus Smith (25.50) and Simon Cook (33.88) beat Richard Watering (28.44) and Sam Ayres (22.22) in 34 darts. Watering scoring a 180.
Kevin Cook (23.87) battled against the darts but Gary Holmes (23.52) made most use of them to win 3 - 2. Holmes had a 110 finish and both players hit 180s.
Scott Lawrie (27.71) had to fight back from 1 down to Graeme Mills (24.45) to win 3 - 1. Lawrie had a 100 finish and a 180.
Simon Cook (30.06) showed why he has been recalled to the county squad with a superb display against Mel Davies (23.29). Cook won 3 - 0 with 19, 16 and 15 dart legs, hitting a 106 finish and a score of 177.
Although Jamie Robinson (24.25) is not at the top of his game scoring wise he seldom misses a finish and this proved to be the case in a 3 - 1 win over Paul Marsh (21.68).
Peter Barton (28.90) met fellow county B player Mick Peel (28.19) who was called up last month for the Essex team and at the moment Barton appears to be in cruise control as he won 3 - 0 aided by a 145 finish with Peel waiting on double top.
Marcus Smith (23.08) scored a 180 but it was not enough to help him beat Stephen Kiamil (22.79) who won 3 - 2 in a close match.
Kevin Edwards (31.31) was once again the star of the show as he came out a 3 - 0 winner over former England man Terry Rose (30.62). Edwards had a 120 finish and a 180 as Rose was unlucky not to finish two legs.
Adrian Genery (24.39) came out of the blocks sprinting but fell at the hurdle when needing a double. Luckily Richard Watering (23.05) could not take advantage and Genery who hit the eleventh 180 of the night in the first leg came out a 3 - 1 winner.
 Harwich 5 Riverside 7 (22/01/09)
These two old rivals produced yet another vintage match in which the highlight was Adrian Genery's brilliant 170 finish.
Riverside won the match with a superb pairs performance, lowest average 27.05 and the best 33.67, but to Harwich's credit they fought back and could have won all 8 singles.
Simon Cook (25.67) and Marcus Smith (22.80) were left trailing by Martin Compton (26.78) and Charlie Preston (30.53) who took the opening pairs in 35 darts.
Scott Lawrie (29.76) and Kevin Cook (19.78) had a dart at a double but lost out to Barry Adlam (28.95) and Alan Collins (25.36) in 37 darts.
The usally reliable Kevin Edwards (30.87) and Peter Barton (24.67) played well but were blitzed by Phil Cox (36.07) and Robbie Caton (30.67) who finished on 120 for a 30 dart leg.
Adrian Genery (25.94) and Jamie Robinson (16.67) were left well behind by Dave Solly (28.50) and Paul Doherty (36.33) who won in 31 darts.
Marcus Smith (24.52) started the come back with a fine 3 - 1 win over county B player Paul Doherty (23.95).
Simon Cook (24.87) has struggled with his finishing recently and instead of winning 3 - 0, lost 3 - 1 to county A man Alan Collins (24.31). Cook hit 2 x 180's, missed doubles and Collins wrapped up the game with a 118 finish.
Jamie Robinson (22.43) and Phil Cox (22.76) will both be disappointed with their games, as it was Robinson came out on top 3 - 2. Robinson had a 105 finish and Cox hit 3 treble 19s, 171.
Kevin Cook (25.07) was the width of the wire from beating Martin Compton (24.42) but it was not meant to be and the Riverside man came out a 3 - 2 winner.
Peter Barton (27.33) fresh from his county B man of the match award opened with a 180 and duly beat Charlie Preston 3 - 0.
Adrian Genery (30.48) and Dave Solly (26.60) produced yet another classic as they regularly draw each other. Genery raced into a 2 - 0 lead with 17 and 15 dart legs, missed 3 darts at a double for the match to let Solly back in. Solly showed all his class coming back with 2 x 17 dart legs to make it 2 - 2. Genery then took the deciding leg in 12 darts, 140, 100, 91 and a magnificent 170 out. Genery also hit a 180 and Solly had a 177.
Scott Lawrie (28.97) was back to his best as he had to work hard for 3 - 1 win over Robbie Caton (26.52). Both players scoring a 180 and Lawrie fought back from 1 down.
Kevin Edwards (27.19) will wonder how he let this one slip away to county A stalwart Barry Adlam (29.42) in a pulsating match. Adlam won 3 - 2 hitting 16 ton pluses as Edwards who had already hit a 180 and 102 finish missed 5 darts at a double to win the game.
 Harwich 6 Springfield 6 (16/01/09)
This was a superb game where both teams were happy with a hard earned point. The highlight of the night was a man of the match performance from Peter Barton who has just been added to the county squad and possibly the game of the season between Kevin Edwards and Phil Brewster.
Harwich have been struggling of late in the pairs so skipper George Lord rung the changes but it did not have the desired effect right away.
Simon Cook (16.96) and Marcus Smith (26.76) lost to Alex Tinsley (21.76) and Craig Vickers (22.18) before Adrian Genery (28.63) and Jamie Robinson (25.39) hit back with a win over Darren Peetoom (24.61) and Phil Brewster (23.89).
Scott Lawrie (23.38) and Mick Chambers (14.19) could not keep the momentum up and lost to Jimmy Noone (21.79) and Andy Burmby (22.96).
The ever reliable pairing of Kevin Edwards (29.72) and Peter Barton (26.53) made it 2 - 2 when beating George Harris (25.83) and Micky Harris (22.93).
Simon Cook (27.05) was left trailing 2 - 0 by former county star Micky Harris (25.99), but to his credit fought back scoring a 180 a narrowly missed a double to win and Harris gratefully accepted the chance.
Two former county players clashed in the next and what a game it was. Kevin Edwards (28.50) opened with a 141 finish only for Phil Brewster (28.34) to hit back with an 11 dart finish, 100, 180, 140 and out on 81 with 2 darts. Brewster took the next in 20 darts only for Edwards to come storming back 17 and 18 dart legs for a magnificent win.
Jamie Robinson (24.00), fresh from his Harlow Open win, found himself down 2 - 0 to county A man Jimmy Noone (26.72). Noone had 14 and 16 dart legs as well as 2 x 180's but Robinson never gives in and fought back for an astonishing 3 - 2 win.
Marcus Smith (24.87) met county B man Ashley Evans (27.33) in good form and the Springfield man ran away with a 3 - 0 win.
Scott Lawrie (23.50) appears to have lost his way just of late and he let county youth player Alex Tinsley (22.88) in after going 2 - 1 up. Tinsley hit a 180 and took his chance for a 3 - 2 win.
Peter Barton (28.88) at the grand old age of 49 has been picked for Essex and quickly showed the county manager all his hidden talents. Barton is a speed merchant who loves to bully his opponents at the oche but away from it he is a gentle giant and after recent illnesses he thoroughly deserves his chance. In this game he raced away with a 3 - 1 win over former county star George Harris and clinched it with a 12 dart leg.
Adrian Genery (27.83) was as rock sloid as ever as he strolled to a 3 - 0 win over Andy Burmby (22.80).
Springfield had the last word as county captain Darren Peetoom (25.47) brushed aside and out of sorts Kevin Cook (20.15) 3 - 0.

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