Harwich 9 Harlow 15 (08/01/09)
This was Harwich at their worst ever, not to take anything away from a more than useful Harlow side who currently sit top of the second division.
Marcus Smith lost to Ian Clarkson in the opening game 2 - 1.
Adrian Genery beat the wily Dick Foster 2 - 1 but could easily have lost 3 - 0.
Jamie Robinson won 2 - 1 against Steve Pryde.
Peter Barton was the only Harwich player to play anywhere near his true potential, but even he let a leg escape as he beat Chris Forsyth 2 - 1.
Kevin Edwards played well but lost to Damien Green 2 - 1. Green was in superb form clocking up a 27.60 average and clinching his game with a 106 finish.
Mick Chambers had no answers to the impressive Alex Hogg (26.36) who ran out a 3 - 0 winner.
Scott Lawrie was another to under achieve and was lucky to take a leg off the highly talented James Jennings.
Simon Cook knew he had to win 3 - 0 to give Harwich a chance of a play-off but had more darts at a double than he did to get down to one and opposing captain Tommy Jennings plodded down and duly accepted his chance.
Hats off to Harlow, they put Harwich under the cosh at the right times but this was a disgraceful performance from Harwich.
 Harwich 18 Thurrock 6 (18/12/08)
Harwich cruised past a spirited division 2 side Thurrock to meet Harlow, currently top of the 2nd division, in the 1st round of the knockout cup in the new year.
Thurrock started with a major shock as Steve Cox (26.48) played superbly to beat Harwich's county A star Adrian Genery 2 - 1. Genery won his leg in 16 darts but Cox hit 2 x 18 dart legs.
Simon Cook has struggled since he came back from Egypt and he did well to beat Simon Barry 2 - 1. Barry hit a 180.
Kevin Edwards won 3 - 0 against the dangerous Mick McCombe and was aided by a bullseye finish in the 2nd leg.
Scott Lawrie did just enough to beat Roy Crabb 3 - 0.
Kevin Cook, back from Portugal, was a lucky 2 - 1 winner against Keith Petrie.
Mick Chambers turned in his best game of the season as he overcame Steve Girling 3 - 0 for a 27.33 average. Chambers won the match in the 2nd leg with a 160 finish, the 2nd week running a player had finished on this shot against the unlucky Girling.
Jason Warren had a rare game for Harwich but unfortunately went down 2 - 1 to the competent Jimmy Myers.
Last man, Marcus Smith, after a poor fist leg, thrived with an excellent display to beat the unlucky Micky Squelch 3 - 0.
 Hockley 7 Harwich 5 (11/12/08)
Harwich look upon this as 2 points dropped to top of the table Hockley due to their poor efforts in the pairs but must take heart from the way they responded in the singles.It was always going to be a struggle with Kevin Cook and Peter Barton absent but Mick Chambers and Ben Attridge gave their all.
Jamie Robinson (21.33) and Mick Chambers (22.39) were always chasing Mark Landers (24.00) and Darryll Claydon (30.28) in the first pairs.
Scott Lawrie (22.88) and Marcus Smith (21.33) built up a commanding lead only to throw it away against Sean Walsh (22.50) and Mick Baglow (19.21).
Kevin Edwards (26.76) and Simon Cook (23.11) got Harwich on the score sheet with a win over Jimmy Allison (23.81) and Michael Wiles (22.56).
Adrian Genery (23.94) and Ben Attridge (17.22) never got out of the blocks against Johnny McFall (25.05) and Gary Phipps (27.78).
Kevin Edwards (28.85) was pushed all the way by Michael Wiles (25.10) in a superb match. Edwards came out a 3 - 2 winner and hit a 177 and a 180 in the process.
Mick Chambers (22.53) lost out to Sean Walsh (24.64) 3 - 0. Walsh had been struggling of late but hit a barrage of 140's to dent Chambers chances.
Marcus Smith (22.57) was given a chance by county A man Jimmy Allison (25.02), at 2 - 2 Allison missed his double only for Smith to wire double 10 for a 100 finish and not get another attempt. Allison had earlier hit a 180.
Ben Attridge (24.07) was out to make amends for his poor performance in the pairs but drew county A stalwart Johnny McFall (25.45). Attridge stunned McFall with a 180 and 15 dart opening leg only for McFall to hit 2 x 180's and take the next 2 legs. Back came Attridge in the next only for McFall to win the game 3 - 2 with Attridge another Harwich player to rue wiring double 10 for the game.
Scott Lawrie (27.91) was pushed close by the redoubtable Darryll Claydon (27.54). Lawrie winning 3 - 1 in a match that had 19 scores of 100 or more.
Adrian Genery (27.94) could have had a lot bigger average had he hit his doubles but still had enough ammunition to beat Mick Baglow (24.98) 3 - 1.
Simon Cook (22.78) never got to grips with former P.D.C. star Mark Landers (26.84) having had 2 weeks away in Egypt. After 2 poor legs Landers turned on the style with a 12 dart leg with a 156 finish.
Jamie Robinson (26.86) had a tough battle on his hands when he drew county A man and top of the averages last year, Gary Phipps (27.18). Robinson rose to the occasion winning 3 - 1 with the help of a 180 and a 116 finish.
 Cressing 2 Harwich 10 (27/11/08)
Harwich romped to another big away win even though they feared the worst with Simon Cook and Jamie Robinson unavailable. Cressing themselves had problems with 3 players missing.
Mick Chambers (24.61) and Kevin Cook (20.71) came back well to beat Robbie Turner (24.62) and Stuart Mortimer (21.14) in the opening pairs.
Adrian Genery (28.72) found big Ben Attridge (28.47), a late call up, to his liking and they coasted to victory over Dave Saunders (20.50) and Paul Baker (17.06) with a combined average of 28.60.
Scott Lawrie (22.87) and Marcus Smith (22.62) were far from their best but still won against Al Hedman (23.71) and Mick Cain (22.81).
Once again Kevin Edwards (36.18) was on fire in the pairs and with partner Peter Barton (25.73) left Barry Gilbey (24.56) and John Mortimer (16.20) well behind with a 32 dart leg (combined average 31.28).
Marcus Smith (21.66) suffered a rare blip and struggled as he lost 3 - 1 to John Mortimer (20.78).
Kevin Cook (24.85) owed the team a win as they had to turn the bus around and go back to Harwich to pick his darts up and he did not disappoint. Cook beat T V and county caller Barry Gilbey (24.46) 3 - 1 with the aid of 2 x 180's.
Kevin Edwards (26.18) had to fight all the way to the winning line to see off Robbie Turner (25.53) 3 - 2. Edwards hit a 180 in the last leg and Turner hit a 25 going for the bull for a 161 checkout for the game and had a 106 finish.
Adrian Genery (25.47) was a comprehensive 3 - 0 winner over Dave Saunders (19.79).
Ben Attridge (22.96) thrived on being given a chance and beat county B player Stuart Mortimer (24.45) 3 - 1. Attridge hit a 180 and Mortimer had a 130 finish.
Mick Chambers (22.06) lost out 3 - 2 to Mick Cain (23.74).
Peter Barton (23.86) cruised to a 3 - 0 win over Paul Baker (18.70).
Scott Lawrie (27.56) yet again played Al Hedman (23.99) and came out on top with a 3 - 1 win that included his customary 180.
 Harwich 6 Burntwood 6 (15/11/08)
Harwich had been so consistant recently it was disappointing that they slipped back into their old habit of thinking they just had to turn up against a lowly team to win. Basement team Burntwood came to play and thoroughly deserved their point with a battling display.
Jamie Robinson (27.06) and Mick Chambers (31.33) played superbly and were just pipped by the imperial Steve Johnson (34.56) and Phil Daldry (22.29). Johnson hit a 180.
Scott Lawrie (38.89) turned in an awesome display of hitting the treble 20 and with new partner Ben Attridge (17.71) beat John Wastenage (27.39) and Mark Banham (26.13). Lawrie hit 3 x 140's and a 180.
Simon Cook (24.10) and Adrian Genery (21.67) were sadly out of sorts and lost to Paul Sedge (22.96) and Peter Weller (21.34).
Kevin Edwards (29.24) and Peter Barton (21.50) made it 2 - 2 as Edwards finished on the bulls-eye to beat Darren Blackwood (23.65) and Andy Westcott (26.78).
Scott Lawrie (25.91) added another 180 to his collection as he beat Phil Daldry (25.72) 3 - 0.
Peter Barton (21.78) was far from his best but still beat Paul Sedge (19.29) 3 - 0.
Kevin Edwards (26.24) had to pull out all the stops to beat an inform Mark Banham (26.56) 3 - 1. Edwards hit a 174 and Banham was very unlucky with 2 ton plus finishes.
Former P.D.C players Jamie Robinson (25.86) and Steve Johnson (29.18) faced each other and it was the latter who came out on top 3 - 1. Johnson had finishes of 120 and 144 and just missed a 145 finish.
Simon Cook (24.35) lost his way after going 2 - 1 up and opponent Paul Harrison (24.66) took full advantage to win 3 - 2.
Kevin Cook (22.44) scored inconsistantly and John Wastenage (24.66) came in a 3 - 1 winner.
Adrian Genery (26.76) hit a 180 as tried in vain to set up a team win when he overcame Grant Hammond (22.85) 3 - 1.
Mick Chambers (19.40) could not carry over his doubles form and Darren Blackwood (22.66) got stronger as the game wore on. Blackwood winning 3 - 1 to make it 6 - 6.
 Chelmsford 0 Harwich 12 (06/11/08)
Harwich stormed to their first ever 12 - 0 win in the superleague and although once again they were not at their best in the pairs they steam-rolled the singles for a comprehensive win over Chelmsford, the dark horses of the league and normally Harwich's bogey team, and go second in the league table.
Scott Lawrie (17.29) again had to rely on partner Marcus Smith (27.90) to carry them to victory over Matt Garrett (2357) and Harry Smith (15.81). Marcus Smith hitting a 180 and helping Lawrie out, something Lawrie has had to do in the past, hence a fine partnership.
Simon Cook (32.89) and Adrian Genery (20.89) hammered Vince Walsh (23.62) and Wayne Tyrell (13.00) with Cook yet again in sensational form.
Jamie Robinson (18.00) also had a partner to carry him, Mick Chambers (28.81), as they beat Andy Kateley (24.52) and Alan Church (21.24).
Kevin Edwards (23.38) and Peter Barton (24.29) completed the white-wash with a win over Peter Cable (18.52) and Mel Sylvester (26.76).
Scott Lawrie (27.48) was pushed all the way by Andy Sartorious (24.83) and had to show his class to come through and win 3 - 2. Both players hit a 180.
Kevin Cook (23.48) has become consistantly steady this year and he beat young Daniel Bowers (19.73) 3 - 0.
Jamie Robinson (25.49) had a superb battle with Wayne Bloomfield (25.79) and came out on top 3 - 2. Bloomfield scoring a maximum.
Marcus Smith (25.44) beat Paul Jennings (24.49) 3 - 1. Jennings hit a 180 but Smith was not to be denied as he is enjoying his best ever spell in the superleague.
Kevin Edwards (27.00) was playing in a lot of pain having slipped a disc but still managed to play a great game of darts with a 3 - 1 win over Alan Church (26.75). Edwards also hit a 180.
Simon Cook (25.88) benefitted from Andy Kateley's failure to hit a double in the last leg to register a 3 - 2 win. Kateley (25.19) hit a 180 and Cook had 101 finish.
Peter Barton (22.80) was excellent apart from one poor leg and beat old adversary Harry Smith (22.22) 3 - 1. Barton had a maximum 180.
Adrian Genery (25.68) proved he was the man for the big occasion with a 3 - 1 win to complete the white-wash. Matt Garrett (27.05) threw everthing at Genery who stood strong and had a 111 finish.
 Colchester 3 Harwich 9 (30/10/08)
Harwich were more than happy to soundly beat local rivals Colchester in a derby that failed to live upto the previous high standards. This win against the second placed team moves Harwich into 3rd place, 1 point behind with a game in hand.
As is always it is imperative to get away with a good start and Jamie Robinson (21.57) and Mick Chambers (24.05) did what was needed with a win over Dave Bokenham (22.71) and Dave Warner (23.14).
Kevin Edwards (25.52) and Peter Barton (23.25) rode their luck against the mighty impressive Bryan Willis (31.81) and partner Lee woods (15.67) to make it 2 - 0.
Scott Lawrie (25.47) and Marcus Smith (25.88) thrashed a poor Coen Wiekamp (21.06) and Paul Walker (13.61) by nearly 400.
Colchester finally got off the mark as the usually reliable Simon Cook (25.83) and Adrian Genery (20.17) lost to Chris Bowring (28.63) and Dave Gwilliams (25.39).
Simon Cook (25.29) was quickly back out to make amends with a 3 - 1 win county A stalwart Eddie Gosling (24.01). Cook scored a 180 and won the game with a 127 finish in an important win.
Peter Barton (24.31) was up against the unbeaten Chris Bowring (26.84). Barton was an unlucky loser after being 2 - 0 up only for the 180 throwing Bowring to show his class and come back to win 3 - 2.
Kevin Cook (23.07) was another to hit a 180 as he beat Dave Gwilliams (19.84) 3 - 1.
Marcus Smith (25.47) was at his best as he saw off the challenge of Harwich old boy Mac Nagra (19.63) with a 3 - 0 win.
Adrian Genery (23.12) beat Leigh Beeton (21.96) 3 - 0 and Kevin Edwards (25.05) followed with another 3 - 0 win over Lee Woods (21.42) after opening with a 180.
Scott Lawrie (25.00) lost to county B man of the moment Coen Wiekamp (24.03) 3 - 1. Wiekamp scoring heavily including a 180.
Jamie Robinson (28.36) saved the best till last as he beat another former Harwich player Paul Walker (22.91) 3 - 0. Robinson finished in 16, 19 and 18 darts and scored a 180.
 Harwich 9 Southend 3 (16/10/08)
Harwich took the points with a steady team performance against bottom of the table Southend.
Kevin Edwards (28.29) and new partner Kevin Cook (19.00) lost the opening pairs to Steve Maish (23.70) and Graham Mills (22.62).
Scott Lawrie (18.62) had to thank partner Marcus Smith (33.89) who was in blistering form averaging over a 100 a throw and scoring a 180 fot their win over Mel Davies (22.94) and Stephen Kiamil (25.22).
Jamie Robinson (24.77) was back with old partner Mick Chambers (28.61), playing his first game after an injury, found Terry Rose (21.75) and Mick Peel (31.44) too much to handle.
Simon Cook (27.50) and Adrian Genery (25.05) went off like a steam train only to nearly get derailed. Both hit 180's but struggled to hit a double which they finally did so against Richard Watering (19.94) and Johnny Hayter (27.78).
Scott Lawrie (28.90) has been struggling of late in the pairs but continues to be very impressive in the singles and again this was the case as he beat Gary Holmes (25.45) 3 - 0.
Jamie Robinson (26.78) was pushed all the way by Mick Peel (24.03) but came through with a 3 - 2 win in a high scoring match.
Kevin Edwards (17.77) mind was elsewhere as his father had been taken to hospital earlier in the day and lost 3 - 1 to Mel Davies (20.06) in a game where both averages suffered due to 1 very poor leg in which neither player could hit a double.
Adrian Genery (25.63) beat P.D.C. man Steve Maish (29.43) 3 - 2. Both players hit the treble 20 regularly with Genery hitting 2 x 180's to add to his earlier 1 in the pairs.
Kevin Cook (19.88) was well below the good standard he has set this year but still managed a win, 3 - 1 over Stephen Kiamil (19.49).
Simon Cook (25.18) was another 3 - 1 winner, this time against Graham Mills (23.28).
Marcus Smith (25.25) carried on where he had left off in the pairs and beat the 180 scoring Terry Rose (24.81) 3 - 1.
Mick Chambers (23.04) was only in the team because of Peter Barton's work committments and he grabbed his chance with both hands. Chambers hit a 180 in seeing off the challenge of Johnny Hayter (23.66) with a 3 - 2 win.
 Riverside 6 Harwich 6 (10/10/08)
Harwich will think this was a point dropped as Riverside were without a couple of players however the home team were up for a fight and deservedly took a share of the spoils.
Jamie Robinson (20.79) and Kevin Cook (19.25) lost a poor opening game to Phil Cox (23.00) and Ben Adams (20.41).
Simon Cook (36.07) and Adrian Genery (35.38) were superb and beat Barry Adlam (29.73) and Robbie Caton (26.00) in only 28 darts (35.75 average combined ). Simon Cook scored a 180 and had his 4th consecutive average over 30 in the pairs.
Scott Lawrie (25.39) and Marcus Smith (24.11) tasted a rare defeat at the hands of Alan Collins (28.44) and Martin Compton (28.76) in 35 darts.
Kevin Edwards (24.08) and Peter Barton (20.14) made it all square beating Charlie Preston (23.92) and Gordon Mansfield (17.67).
Adrian Genery (25.91) was sluggish early on but finished like a whirlwind, his last 6 darts being 180 and a 132 finish against a luckless Preston (22.76). Genery winning 3 - 0.
Simon Cook (26.29) bumped into county A man Ben Adams (27.83) on a good day with Adams winning 3 - 0 and scoring a 180.
Kevin Edwards (28.49) as usual proved he is a very hard man to beat and had to pull out all the stops to defeat Robbie Caton (26.36) 3 - 2. Caton scored a 180 in a high class game.
Scott Lawrie (26.92) lost 3 - 2 to fellow county A team-mate Barry Adlam (26.11) in a strange game which ebbed and flowed until the deciding leg where both players struggled for the win. Adlam also scored a 180.
Kevin Cook (26.29) recovered from a knee injury during the first leg of his game with Martin Compton (22.41) to put in another impressive performance with a 3 - 1 win. Compton hit a 180.
Marcus Smith (22.21) after a fine last season has returned to his bad habit of losing 3 - 2, this time to county A man Alan Collins (24.54) who hit a 180.
Jamie Robinson (28.43) put Harwich 6 - 5 up with an explosive game against Bob Adams (24.37). Robinson winning 3 - 1 and hitting a 180.
Peter Barton (25.31) tried hard but found Phil Cox (28.36) in sublime form and it was the Riverside man who won 3 - 0 and secure the draw.
 Springfield 3 Harwich 9 (03/10/08)
Harwich came away with the points and another convincing win against a team that had earlier toppled champions Hockley.
The pairs always proves to be important and Harwich managed 3 good wins to Springfield's 1.
Kevin Edwards (32.17) and Peter Barton (28.13) got off to a flier with a win in 33 darts (30.33) against Alex Tinsley (22.80) and Keith Weller (14.33).
Simon Cook (30.06) and Adrian Genery (25.56) beat Jimmy Noone (25.17) and Andy Burmby (24.78) in 36 darts (27.81).
Harwich then suffered a setback as Jamie Robinson (25.57) and Kevin Cook (21.43) missed doubles whereas George Harris (23.05) and Micky Harris (25.85) took their chance.
Scott Lawrie (22.56) and Marcus Smith (33.06) made it 3 - 1 beating county duo Darren Peetoom (27.94) and Ashley Evans (22.22) in 36 darts (27.81). Smith was in fine form scoring a 180 for good measure.
Peter Barton (22.10) continued his good start with another win, this time 3 - 0 over county B man Ashley Evans (21.09).
Kevin Edwards (25.65) beat another county B player, Andy Burmby (24.72), 3 - 2 with another solid performance.
Simon Cook (27.33), a former county A player, beat former county team-mate Jimmy Noone (25.68) 3 - 2 in a game that ebbed and flowed. Cook hit a 180.
Marcus Smith (21.48) went 2 - 0 up against Micky Harris (23.71) but lost his way and Harris took full advantage to win 3 - 2.
Jamie Robinson (20.88) suffered missed doubles in 1 leg as did opponent Alex Tinsley (19.76) but still came out a 3 - 0 winner.
Adrian Genery (25.60) opened with a 180 but lost 3 - 0 to county A team-mate Darren Peetoom (30.67) who also hit a 180. Peetoom won in 13, 22 and 14 darts.
Kevin Cook (24.86) has looked in good nick this season and he saw off the challenge of George Harris (21.72) 3 - 1.
Scott Lawrie (29.47) was rock solid as he romped away with the last game, a 3 - 0 win over Dan Day (21.49). Lawrie's first three darts was a 180.

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