Harwich 5 Hockley 7 (20/09/08)
Harwich could not believe that they didn't even get a point from this pulsating game with champions Hockley. Having a team average of 26.94 to 26.89, 86 tons and 7 x 180's to 72 tons and 1 x 180, Harwich realised 2 darts at a double in different legs in the pairs cost them dear, however Hockley proved why they are the champions by taking their chances. This game was a feast to watch and appeared to have taken superleague darts to another level.
First pairs saw an out of touch Jamie Robinson (21.56) and Kevin Cook (25.73) brushed aside by county A duo Johnny McFall (24.37) and Gary Phipps (35.19) in only 34 darts.
Second pairs saw Scott Lawrie (26.00) and Marcus Smith (28.72) miss a double to let in Mark Landers (28.23) and Mick Baglow (27.28) for the win in 36 darts.
Simon Cook (33.22) and Adrian Genery (25.60) did like-wise as Jimmy Allison (28.44) and Michael Wiles (29.06) took their game in another impressive 35 darts.
Kevin Edwards (29.94) and Peter Barton (28.88) finally got Harwich on the scoreboard with a win over Sean Walsh (24.83) and Darryll Claydon (29.33) in another superb 34 darts.
Kevin Edwards (27.18) was straight back on for the first singles and beat former county man Michael Wiles (23.25) 3 - 1 with a solid performance.
Simon Cook (26.68) lost 3 - 1 to Gary Phipps (27.69) in a ding dong battle. Cook hit a 180 but Phipps pulled out all the stops to show why he won the most wins last year.
Adrian Genery (30.67) was simply awesome as he beat Mick Baglow (25.69) 3 - 0. Genery scored a 180 and would have had a huge average if he had hit his doubles first time.
Scott Lawrie (26.63) beat county A team-mate Sean Walsh (24.30) 3 - 1 hitting 2 x 180's on the way.
Marcus Smith (23.45) fought all the way but went down 3 - 2 to former P.D.C. and county A player Mark Landers (25.92).
Peter Barton (24.50) never gave up and came from 2 - 1 down to beat county B man Darryll Claydon (25.69) to make the score 5 - 5.
Next on was Jamie Robinson (27.73) who lost 3 - 2 to county A stalwart Johnny McFall (30.56) in the game of the night. Neither player missed a shot out, Robinson hit 2 x 180's and legs of 18 and 15 darts and McFall hit a 180 and winning legs of 15, 17 and 18 darts.
Kevin Cook (26.48) will wonder if it might have been different had he not bounced out of a double in the opening leg against another county A man, Jimmy Allison (26.84). Cook scored a 180 but Allison ran out a 3 - 0 winner and took the match for Hockley.
 Harwich 8 Cressing 4 (04/09/08)
Harwich got off to a flying start with a battling win over Cressing in the opening game of the season which will be very interresting now there are 2 divisions and some very strong teams on show.
Scott Lawrie (23.90) and Marcus Smith (24.95) took the first pairs against Steve Prow (25.38) and new signing, former Kent county A player, Robbie Turner (20.76).
Adrian Genery (28.19) and Jason Warren (22.72) made it 2 - 0 with a win over Stuart Mortimer (20.83) and Barry Gilbey (25.33).
Simon Cook (30.72) and Jamie Robinson (24.00) missed a double and let in Tim Franklin (24.35) and Bob Watson-Lang (28.56).
Kevin Edwards (27.67) and Peter Barton (25.83) were pipped at the post by Al Hedman (29.50) and Mick Cain (29.38) in the best pairs of the night.
Kevin Edwards (24.15) lost 3 - 2 to Tim Franklin (23.70) in a good game until the final leg when nobody appeared to want to win.
Marcus Smith (23.22) carried on his good form from last year with a steady 3 - 1 win over Steve Prow (21.42).
Adrian Genery (23.98) lost 3 - 0 to Robbie Turner (25.91), Turner gaining revenge for a defeat by Genery in the final of the Highfields Open singles.
Kevin Cook (23.86) beat a subdued Bob Watson-Lang (21.18) 3 - 0.Watson-Lang hit a 180 only for the prolific 180 scoring machine, Cook, to score a 180 next throw in reply.
Simon Cook (25.00) scored heavily with the aid of a 180 but finished woefully as he beat John Mortimer (21.87) 3 - 2.
Jamie Robinson (26.84) was welcomed back for a second spell at Harwich and he did not disappoint with a 3 - 0 win against Mick Cain (25.15)
Peter Barton (26.27) played a superb controlled game against former British Open champion Al Hedman (22.99) to win 3 - 1, clinching the game with a 118 finish.
Last years Essex player of the year, Scott Lawrie (27.66) carried on where he left off with 3 - 1 win over county B player Stuart Mortimer (24.72). Lawrie scored a 180 and had a 145 finish.
 Harwich 13 Thameside 14 (10/05/08)
Numerous missed doubles cost Harwich dear as they lost to Thameside in a play off after drawing 12 - 12.
On board 1 Kevin Cook beat County A man Alan Collins 2 - 1.
On board 2 Peter Barton lost 2 - 1 to the high scoring Steve Johnson.
On board 3 Simon Cook beat Terry Rose 2 - 1.
On board 4 Kevin Edwards missed several darts at a double and lost to Phil Cox 2 - 1.
On board 5 Adrian Genery beat Dave Solly 2 - 1.
On board 6 Scott Lawrie was invincible as he beat Barry Adlam 3 - 0.
On board 7 Ben Attridge missed several darts at a double and went 2 - 0 down to Ben Adams, but to Attridge's credit he won the last leg .
On board 8 Marcus Smith was 2 - 0 down to Paul Doherty and then missed 8 darts at a double to win the whole match for Harwich.
With the score at 12 - 12 skipper George Lord selected Scott Lawrie for play off whilst Thameside picked Steve Johnson. Lord's decision looked to be the right one as Lawrie raced into a 1 - 0 lead only to miss 2 darts at double top to win the match. Johnson took full advantage of the slip and then won the game for Thameside with a superb 13 dart leg.
 Harwich 9 Cressing 3 (18/04/08)
Harwich ended a long hard season in the league on a high as they overcame a more than useful Cressing side 9 - 3, despite having 3 players missing and only having the bare bones to pick from. This win confirmed Harwich finishing in third place, their highest ever finish, 13 points clear of the next team.
Harwich's number 1 pair Scott Lawrie and Marcus Smith had far and away their worst game and lost to Stuart Mortimer and Mick Cain (31.56) in the first pairs.
Scratch pairing Ben Attridge and Tommy Armstrong played steadily to beat Barry Gilbey and Dave Saunders as the Cressing pair missed doubles.
Kevin Edwards (30.00) and Peter Barton (25.61) beat Al Hedman (29.33) and Steve Prow in 36 darts in an excellent game.
Adrian Genery and Kevin Cook beat Tim Franklin and Bob Watson-Lang in a game where nobody really got started.
Scott Lawrie (25.56) capped another superb second superleague year by beating Steve Prow (24.09) 3 - 1. Prow had a 132 finish in the first leg.
Adrian Genery (29.47) also rounded off a great year as he beat former British Open champion Al Hedman (26.47) 3 - 0.Both players hit 180's and Genery finished the game off in style with a 142 checkout.
Marcus Smith (24.65) has been greatly improved this year and played well to beat Mick Cain (24.06) 3 - 1. Cain had a 112 finish only for Smith to win the game with a 116 finish in the next leg.
Young Tommy Armstrong (23.83) was given a chance to show what he could do and he competed well against the wily John Mortimer (24.09) who is playing well at the moment. Armstrong had a 101 finish but Mortimer came out on top 3 - 1.
Kevin Edwards (29.47), fresh from his successful weekend at Selsey, was once again superb as he beat Bob Watson-Lang (28.02) 3 - 0 in a match that was closer than the score-line suggests with Edwards always having the edge.
Kevin Cook and Tim Franklin were shadows of themselves and it was Cook who came out on top 3 - 1 aided by a 144 finish.
Peter Barton (23.95) came out a 3 - 1 winner over International and County referee Barry Gilbey (23.60) in what has to be one of the fastest games ever seen with both players throwing before the other got back to the oche.
Young Ben Attridge has contributed well recently but on this occasion had a game to forget, losing 3 - 0 to county B player Stuart Mortimer.
 Harwich 7 Chelmsford 5 (10/04/08)
As they say 'it's a funny old game' as Harwich scraped a 7 - 5 win over their bogey side Chelmsford as on numerous times they failed to hit a double and despite hitting their record score of tons, 88, they let Chelmsford who were without their number 1 player, Andy Kateley, have opportunities to win the match.
The opening pairs was typical of what was to happen all evening as Simon Cook shot out on the wrong finish to let Martin Compton and Charlie Preston in for the game with partner Jason Warren staring in amazement.
Scott Lawrie and Marcus Smith (29.00) took their chance gifted to them by Matt Garrett and Harry Smith to make it 1 - 1.
Kevin Edwards and Mick Chambers then handed the lead back as they failed to hit a double against Vernon Walsh and Jason Walsh.
Adrian Genery (30.17) and Tommy Armstrong made it all square again beating Mel Sylvester and Alan Church.
Marcus Smith (24.22) came from 1 down to beat Vernon Walsh 3 - 1 in a convincing win.
Adrian Genery (25.78) scored 12 ton pluses and a 180 but missed 13 darts at a double as Mel Sylvester (24.52) gratefully took hit his.
Scott Lawrie (27.33) was back to his best as he swept past seasoned campaigner Harry Smith 3 - 0, scoring a 180 in the process.
Mick Chambers (23.86) blew his chance of beating Martin Compton (26.08) in the final leg when he miscounted and Compton who scored a 180 stepped in to take his chance.
Simon Cook (23.62) had a night to forget as he missed doubles, but to be fair Alan Church (23.67) would have been a very unlucky loser as he struggled with doubles despite hitting 2 x 180's and a 101 finish.
Kevin Cook had a 102 finish as he beat Matt Garrett 3 - 0.
Kevin Edwards (28.34) was back to his very best as he beat a resilient Jason Walsh (25.49) 3 - 1. In an excellent game Edwards had a 112 finish and Walsh hit a 180.
Young Ben Attridge (23.87) is doing everything possible to force his way into the Harwich team and this 3 - 2 win for the match over former county A star Charlie Preston was immense. Attridge scored and finished well to beat the 180 throwing Preston and came from 2 - 1 down.
 Harwich 10 Basildon 2 (03/04/08)
Harwich cruised to a win over basement side Basildon.
Simon Cook (28.29) and Tommy Armstrong won the opening pairs against Brian Dimmock and Liam Shovell.
Kevin Edwards (30.94) and Peter Barton were far too strong for Les Atkins and Dave O'Meara in the next.
Adrian Genery (29.53) scored a 180 but was let down by another partner, this time George Lord, as they lost to Mark Franklin (29.06) and Mike Geisen (31.87). Geisen hit a 180 and Franklin finished on 121.
Scott Lawrie and Marcus Smith beat Carl Smith and Keith Ridgway as both sides missed doubles.
Mick Chambers battled out a 3 - 1 win over Paul Fincham in the first singles.
Scott Lawrie (25.05) was steady as Mike Geison (23.88) scored heavily but missed doubles.
Marcus Smith struggled and Dave O'Meara took full advantage and came out a 3 - 1 winner.
Kevin Edwards (25.91) scored well as usual and finished well to beat Mark Franklin 3 - 0.
Adrian Genery (26.14) had to fight all the way and stuck lucky as opponent Carl Smith (24.20) did everything but hit the winning double. Genery's never say die attitude saw him through to a 3 - 2 win, scoring a 174 in the process. Smith scored a 180 in the opening leg.
Simon Cook (27.72) is Harwich's form player of the moment and he brushed aside Tommy Butler 3 - 1. Cook had scores of 171 and 180 and legs of 14 and 13 darts.
Kevin Cook was steady as he beat Brian Dimmock 3 - 0.
Finally Ben Attridge played well to beat 180 throwing Les Atkins 3 - 1 despite having difficulty in finishing one leg.
 Hockley 9 Harwich 3 (27/03/08)
Harwich's long unbeaten run finally came to an end as they did not compete with the very impressive Hockley side. This result leaves Harwich doomed to finish a respectable 3rd in the Essex superleague after a long hard season.
Scott Lawrie and Marcus Smith went off like a train on fire but somehow contrived to let Jimmy Allison and Micheal Wiles (31.33) back in for the winning double in 38 darts.
Kevin Edwards and Peter Barton (30.67) did little wrong but were beaten by Mark Landers (30.06) and Mick Baglow (30.67) in only 33 darts.
Adrian Genery (33.50) was let by partner Mick Chambers and they lost to John McFall (28.50) and 180 throwing Gary Phipps (28.71) in 35 darts.
Simon Cook and Kevin Cook lost the last pairs to Sean Walsh and Darryll Claydon in 38 darts.
First game in the singles saw the top 2 players in the superleague go head to head, Scott Lawrie (26.99) losing 3 - 1 to Gary Phipps (26.90). Lawrie hit 2 x 180's but missed his doubles as fellow county A player Phipps hit his.
Peter Barton (23.74) came from behind to beat county B player Darryll Claydon (23.07) 3 - 1.
Kevin Edwards (26.73) was beaten by a superb Michael Wiles (28.36) 3 - 0. Edwards hit a 180 in the first leg only for Wiles to go out on 105 and hit a 180 in the 2nd leg.
Marcus Smith had an off night and lost 3 - 0 to county A star Jimmy Allison (27.33) who also hit a 180.
Adrian Genery (28.00) played fellow county A player John McFall (27.51) and hit 2 x 180's in a great 3 - 2 win that went right to the wire.
Mick Chambers (24.12) lost the next 3 - 1 to Mick Baglow (25.33).
Simon Cook (25.78) put up yet another superb performance, this time against yet another county A player Mark Landers (24.03). Cook scored another 180 and had a 99 finish.
Hockley had the last word as Kevin Cook (24.80) lost 3 - 2 to another county A player, Sean Walsh (24.70).
 Harwich 7 Thameside 5 (20/03/08)
Harwich became only the second team to beat league leaders Thameside this season and the result gives them still a chance of a top 2 finish. For once Thameside did not finish well and Harwich took their chances.
Adrian Genery and Mick Chambers had a dart to beat Alan Collins and Steve Johnson (25.86) but it was the Thameside pair who came out on top.
Scott Lawrie (25.47) and Marcus Smith (28.72) survived Dave Solly (27.78) and Ben Adams (26.83) missing doubles to take their chance.
Kevin Edwards (29.60) and Peter Barton did like-wise as Barry Adlam (27.71) and Steve Maish failed with a finish.
Simon Cook (32.26) and Kevin Cook were convincing winners over Terry Rose and Robbie Caton (26.39).
Mick Chambers seemed far from happy at the oche and lost 3 - 2 to county A player Alan Collins (23.11) who scored a 180 in a scrappy match.
Peter Barton (24.32) was out gunned by county B player Terry Rose (25.23) and lost 3 - 1.
Kevin Edwards (23.62) just had enough to beat Robbie Caton (23.98) 3 - 1. Edwards scoring a 180.
Scott Lawrie (23.85) had to pull out all the stops to see off the challenge of Dave Solly (24.34). Solly scored a 180 but Lawrie won 3 - 2.
County A star Adrian Genery (31.74) was superb as he took on county A team-mate Ben Adams (25.51), finishing the last 2 legs of a 3 - 1 win in 13 and 14 darts.
Ben Attridge (23.35) had the dubious task of taking on PDC player Steve Maish (29.47) and although played well, it was Maish who won 3 - 0, scoring a 180 along the way.
Simon Cook (28.05) must have wondered how he did not beat county A star Barry Adlam (29.81). Cook hit 3 x 180's and a 174 but missed doubles and the resilient Adlam hit his in a high class game. Cook had gone 2 - 0 up only for Adlam to come back with legs of 13, 18 and 17 darts.
Marcus Smith (23.62) opened with a 180 and a 116 finish to settle him against Steve Johnson but at 2 - 1 up the nerves set in and Smith finally hit the winning double after missing with 11 darts and Johnson failing with 17 darts at a double.
Harwich are now 2 points behind Thameside and 1 point behind Hockley with 4 games left.
 Burntwood 3 Harwich 9 (13/03/08)
Harwich were once again convincing winners, this time away to middle of the table Burntwood, a place that in the past they have struggled.
Adrian Genery (36.72) and Mick Chambers were superb as they coasted home to beat Dave Phillips and Kevin Stammers in 33 darts.
Simon Cook and Tommy Armstrong were always in control as they saw off Mark Banham and Keith Parodi. Kevin Edwards and Peter Barton then suffered a set back as Manny Barragan and Darren Blackwood won.
Scott Lawrie (30.61) and Marcus Smith (26.47) once again produced the goods as they beat John Wastenage and Phil Daldry.
Simon Cook (24.00) had a 124 finish as he beat Darren Blackwood 3 - 1. Mick Chambers steadily went 2 - 0 up only to fall asleep, Manny Barragan (23.91) taking full advantage making it 2 - 2 with the help of a 115 finish, only for Chambers to wake up and win with a 17 dart leg.
Scott Lawrie (26.12) gained revenge on a defeat by Paul Harrison (23.79) last year as he won 3 - 2 this time in a hard fought encounter. Both players hit a 180.
Kevin Edwards (25.91) once again met a resilient opponent, this time Grant Hammond (27.66), and again had to play second fiddle despite hitting 2 x 180's. Hammond winning 3 - 1 and having a 114 finish.
Ben Attridge won for the second week running, beating Mark Banham 3 - 0, even though he had to play with borrowed darts.
Peter Barton (24.62) strangely started off very slowly but finished with a bang as he beat Paul Sedge 3 - 1, scoring a 180 and having 15 then 14 dart legs.
Adrian Genery (27.09) also scored a 180 as he had to fight all the way to the finishing line to see off the challenge of John Wastenage (24.92) 3 - 2 who scored a 180 as well.
Marcus Smith lost the last game 3 - 0 to Phil Daldry (23.12). Daldry scoring a 180 and a bullseye finish as Smith lost for the first time in a long while.
 Harwich 11 Southend 1 (06/03/08)
Harwich soon shook off the disappointment of dropping a point last week with a resounding win over Southend.
Kevin Edwards and Peter Barton (28.00) won the first pairs against John Hayter and Mel Davies. Barton was excellent and hit a 180.
Harwich's top pair Scott Lawrie (33.37) and Marcus Smith (33.27) then beat Mick Peel and Graham Mills easily in only 30 darts. Lawrie hitting a 180 in the leg.
Adrian Genery and George Lord beat Sam Ayres and Bill Stockwell in the next and the clean sweep of the pairs was complete when Simon Cook (27.95) and Tommy Armstrong beat Stephen Kiamil and Richard Watering.
Peter Barton finished superbly as Kiamil missed his doubles and won 3 - 0. Scott Lawrie was steady as he beat Sam Ayres 3 - 0.
Adrian Genery (26.84) was back to near his best as he beat John Hayter (23.91) 3 - 0. Genery had a 116 finish and a 180.
Marcus Smith (26.37) gains in confidence each week and again played well to beat Mick Peel (23.71) 3 - 0. Smith had a 119, bulls-eye finish in the 2nd leg.
Southend gained their only win of the night as Jason Warren lost 3 - 1 to Richard Watering.
Ben Attridge (23.86) had waited along time to make his singles debut for Harwich and it was well worth the wait. Attiridge was explosive in scoring, hitting 2 x 180's and a 13 dart leg and beat Bill Stockwell 3 - 0.
Kevin Edwards (26.89) had to battle to the winning line to beat Mel Davies 3 - 2. Edwards had a 111 finish and a 180 and Davies scored a 177.
Simon Cook (26.84) rounded off a superb team performance when he beat Graham Mills (23.94) 3 - 0.

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