Colchester 6 Harwich 6 (28/02/08)
Harwich will be disappointed with a draw after being 3 - 1 up but were aweful in the singles and could have lost, so this local derby was a draw again.
Adrian Genery (26.32) and Mick Chambers beat the impressive Leigh Beeton (28.95) and Dave Gwilliams in the first pairs, Genery scoring a 180. Simon Cook and Kevin Cook threw away a big lead and lost to Jimmy Noone and Dave Warner. Kevin Cook scoring a 180.
Kevin Edwards (29.67) was superb against his old team and with Peter Barton beat Andy Cole and Eddie Gosling. Scott Lawrie and Marcus Smith stretched the lead to 3 - 1 with a win over Bryan Willis and Dave Bokenham.
Kevin Edwards (26.17) will rue all the chances of hitting doubles, whereas opponent Leigh Beeton (26.63) took his chances well and scored a 180 to win 3 - 1.
Simon Cook (24.77) lost to county B player Dave Warner (24.38) 3 - 1 as he to missed doubles and Warner took full advantage, scoring a 180 in the process.
Marcus Smith dug in deep to beat another county B player, Bryan Willis 3 - 1, Smith hitting a 174 in the opening leg.
Peter Barton (24.79) battled well with county A star Jimmy Noone (28.75) but had to settle for second best as Noone won 3 - 2. Both players hit a 180 and Noone had a 100 finish.
Mick Chambers cruised into a 2 - 0 lead and then did his best to lose to another county B player, Dave Bokenham (23.35), but finally came through to win 3 - 2 and scored a 180 in the 4th leg.
Scott Lawrie's long unbeaten run finally ended as Dave Gwilliams (28.90) was excellent, winning 3 - 0 with legs of 17, 16 and 19 darts and scoring a 177 to show why he has been recalled to the county squad.
Kevin Cook (23.16) was easily out-scored by county A stalwart Eddie Gosling (27.06) who went onto win 3 - 1 with the aid of a 120 finish.
And so it was left to Harwich's own county A star, Adrian Genery (23.86), to rescue a draw as he beat Andy Cole 3 - 0, including a 100 finish in the 2nd leg.
 Harwich 7 Springfield 5 (21/02/08)
This was another excellent win against a Springfield team that are showing greatly improved form. Kevin Edwards undoubtly being the star of the show with a magnificent win over Darren Peetoom.
Harwich got off to the worst possible start as Edwards and Peter Barton (25.67) were beaten by Peetoom (26.71) and Phil Brewster. Adrian Genery (25.40) and Mick Chambers (27.39) hit back and beat Ashley Evans and Craig Vickers (28.5) as the Springfield pair missed the double.
Simon Cook (29.63) and Kevin Cook left Al Green and Keith Weller way behind as they finished in 37 darts. Scott Lawrie and Marcus Smith struggled but hit the crucial winning double as George and Micky Harris missed with their chances.
Marcus Smith (24.24) carried on the good work as came back from 1 - 0 down to beat county B player Ashley Evans 3 - 1.
Peter Barton (25.43) found another county B player, Craig Vickers (29.47) too hot to handle as Vickers finished superbly in 18, 19 and 14 darts.
Kevin Edwards (32.27) was simply irristible as he stormed to a 3 - 1 win over county A star Darren Peetoom (28.86). Edwards won with 17, 15 and 15 dart legs and had a 107 finish. Peetoom's winning leg was in 15 darts with a bulls-eye finish.
Kevin Cook (25.91) raced into a 2 - 0 lead, scoring a 180 and hitting legs of 17 and 15 darts and missing the winning double by the width of the wire only to be pegged back by the resilient Micky Harris (25.89) who went on to win 3 - 2.
Mick Chambers was allways second fiddle to yet another county B player, George Harris (24.64) and lost 3 - 0. Scott Lawrie (24.64) scored another 180 as beat Al Green 3 - 0.
Very rarely is Adrian Genery (23.92) completely eclipsed but on this occasion this was the case as Phil Brewster (28.36) finished superbly and won 3 - 0 with a 103 check-out and legs of 17, 18 and 18 darts.
Simon Cook (23.48) won the match for Harwich with a steady 3 - 0 win over James Wright.
 Woodford Bridge 2 Harwich 10 (07/02/08)
Another superb away win, not without the odd hiccup, Simon Cook and Jason Warren failing to find the venue in time. Harwich in third place continue to pressure the top two in the table.
Skipper George Lord (26.45) and Kevin Cook (26.22) filled in admirally for the missing pair and easily won the first pairs against Trevor Townsend and Scott Clifford.
Adrian Genery (29.67) and Mick Chambers (28.80), who was back from a rolling skate injury, played well but ran into an inform Lee White (26.94) and Alan Nateghi (34.40). Nateghi hit a 180 and the Woodford pair finished in 33 darts.
Kevin Edwards (31.61) and Peter Barton were back on form as they thrashed Joe Dyer and Jamie Thompson in 36 darts.
Scott Lawrie and Marcus Smith (29.72) also played well in beating Daniel Sare and Malcolm Sare in 37 darts.
Scott Lawrie (27.33) had a 112 finish in his 3 - 0 win over Trevor Townsend. Kevin Cook beat Malcolm Sare 3 - 0 in the next.
Marcus Smith (26.24) finished superbly as he beat 180 throwing Daniel Sare 3 - 1 to continue his impressive run of wins.
Adrian Genery (27.26) was in a sublime scoring mode and had to pull out all the stops to beat Alan Nateghi (23.36) 3 - 2 after being 2 -1 down. Genery hit 15 ton pluses in the game. Peter Barton lost 3 - 2 to Lee White after fighting back from 2 - 0 down.
Kevin Edwards (24.15) once again scored well and beat Jamie Thompson 3 - 1 with the aid of a 180. Mick Chambers (24.64) finished on 161 in the first leg and went on to beat Scott Clifford 3 - 0.
Simon Cook lived up to his nickname (Simple) as he travelled to the other side of London looking for the venue but made it back in time to play in the singles and beat Joe Dyer 3 - 1.
 Harwich 8 Thurrock 4 (31/01/08)
Harwich produced a very poor display but were grateful for another win and two points against lowly Thurrock.
Scott Lawrie and Marcus Smith had to come from way behind to beat Micky Squelch and Pete Tompkins, scoring 201 in their last 5 darts.
Simon Cook and Jason Warren defeated Michael McCombe and Steve Girling in the next game and Kevin Edwards and Peter Barton made it 3 - 0 after beating Simon Barry and Keith Petrie.
Harwich lost the last pairs as Adrian Genery and Jeff Elliott could not hit a double and were beaten by Liam Pender and Steve Cox.
Peter Barton (23.39) raced into a 2 - 0 lead only to lose 3 - 2 to Michael McCombe. Scott Lawrie (23.48) was steady as he beat George Webb 3 - 0.
Marcus Smith failed to follow up his big average of the previous week as did Liam Pender but Smith was still happy as he won 3 - 0 in a dour game. Kevin Edwards (23.86) scored heavily again but struggled with finishing and still won 3 - 0 against Steve Girling.
Kevin Cook was another who was way below par but still managed to beat Keith Petrie 3 - 0. Adrian Genery (25.32) played the best darts of the night and had he finished better would have had a very good average in beating Steve Cox 3 - 1. Genery scored a 180 in his win.
Simon Cook missed doubles and the resilient Pete Tompkins (23.86) took full advantage to win 3 - 0. Jeff Elliott staggered into a 2 - 0 lead with the aid of a 180 only for Micky Squelch to fight back and win 3 - 2.
 Harlow 3 Harwich 9 (24/01/08)
A shocking performance in the pairs was followed by probably Harwich's best ever singles performances to gain another comprehensive away win at Harlow.
Simon Cook and Kevin Cook struggled to a win over Dick Foster and Alex Grant, only for Kevin Edwards and Peter Barton to lose to the impressive James Jennings and Bill Woods.
Adrian Genery and Jeff Elliott saw off Tom Jennings and Pat Yates (31.11) only for Harlow to hit back again as Scott Lawrie and Marcus Smith (30.73) lost to Ron Yates (31.89) and Paul Willsher.
Jeff Elliott (26.37) gave Harwich the start they were looking for when beating Tom Jennings (23.15) 3 - 0. Adrian Genery (24.54) had to come from a leg down to beat Ron Yates 3 - 1. Genery hit a 180.
Peter Barton won 3 - 0 against Pat Yates. Marcus Smith (28.00) proved his liking for the pitch as he hit his best ever superleague average to beat Paul Willsher 3 - 1. Smith scored a 180 and Willsher had a 115 finish.
Simon Cook (30.31) showed his best form to England youth player James Jennings (26.00) in a cracking match which saw Cook win 3 - 1 with both players scoring a 180.
Kevin Edwards (26.37) hit a 180 as brushed aside Bill Woods 3 - 0 and Scott Lawrie (26.37) did like-wise to Alex Grant, scoring a 180 and winning 3 - 0.
Harlow had the last word as George Lord lost to Dick Foster 3 - 0 in a poor game.
 Harwich 9 Dunmow 3 (17/01/08)
Although not at their best Harwich still proved be to strong for Dunmow and consolidated their 3rd position in the league table.
Scott Lawrie (33.89) and Marcus Smith (26.07) were back to form with a 33 dart win over Paul Hurley and Al Dewar. Simon Cook and Kevin Cook (27.05) made it 2 - 0 beating Tony Hird (30.14) and Paul Thomas. Hird scoring the only 180 of the night.
Harwich suffered a setback when the reliable Kevin Edwards (27.29) and Peter Barton lost to Ritchie Edhouse and Trevor Bright. Adrian Genery (32.78) and Jeff Elliott quickly hit back with a 35 dart leg when they beat Dave Saker and Mark Sainsbury.
Scott Lawrie (23.01) still firing on only 3 cylinders beat Paul Thomas 3 - 1 in the first singles. Marcus Smith (24.49) had a good game as he finished his match with a 113 out shot to beat Trevor Bright 3 - 1.
Kevin Cook was beaten by the highly experienced Dave Saker (23.86) 3 - 0. Simon Cook was well below his best but still beat Al Dewar 3 - 0.
Jeff Elliott (24.24) had a great match, finishing well including a 110 game shot, to overcome Mark Sainsbury 3 - 1. Kevin Edwards (24.24) tried out some new darts which scored well, including a 171 (3 x treble 19), and gradually got better with finishing as he beat Phil Barrett 3 - 0.
With the late withdrawal of Peter Barton, George Lord filled in but could not maintain his winning streak, losing 3 - 1 to Ritchie Edhouse (23.48) who had a 126 finish in the last leg.
Adrian Genery (27.08) had to fight all the way to see off the challenge of a spirited Tony Hird (24.89) in the best game of the night.
 Walton 1 Harwich 11 (10/01/08)
Harwich overcame local rivals Walton in difficult conditions and a noisy atmosphere to record another convincing win.
Adrian Genery and Jeff Elliott won the first pairs against Matt Baldwin and Adam Lamb and this was followed with another win from Kevin Edwards (28.86) and Peter Barton over Reece Hutchison and John Carey.
Skipper George Lord (30.88) made the decision to play himself for once and was rewarded with a fine win with partner Simon Cook (26.44) beating Dave Tottman and Daniel Parker in only 35 darts.
The last pairs saw Walton take their only win of the night as Scott Lawrie and Marcus failed to get going and lost to John Palmer and Rob Emery.
Peter Barton staged a tremendous fight-back to come from 2 - 0 down to overcome Dave Tottman who had a 115 finish but seemed to lose his way as Barton took his chances.
Scott Lawrie struggled with the pitch all night but managed to beat John Carey who does not normally play, 3 - 0.
Jeff Elliott (23.20) turned a steady game to beat Rob Emery 3 - 1 and Marcus Smith did like-wise when beating Adam Lamb 3 - 0.
George Lord (23.84) was in control while he had the start but struggled when he did'nt, hence a 3 - 2 win over Daniel Parker with winning legs of 16, 18 and 18 darts.
Adrian Genery (26.84) had a 100 finish in an easy 3 - 0 win over Matt Baldwin. Simon Cook (24.24) also recorded a 3 - 0 win against John Palmer (23.63).
Kevin Edwards (27.34) lost the first leg to Reece Hutchison before sweeping to a 3 - 1 win aided by some heavy scoring.
 Harwich 11 Colchester Town 1 (20/12/07)
Harwich started the second half of the season with a bang as they trounced local rivals Colchester Town and stay in 3rd place in the league table going into the xmas break.
Adrian Genery and Mick Chambers beat ex Harwich players Jamie Robinson and Andy Burmby in the opening pairs. Scott Lawrie (29.35) and the recalled Marcus Smith (33.47) beat Coen Wiekamp and Paul Copeland in the next in only 32 darts.
Simon Cook and Kevin Cook (26.50) made it 3 - 0 beating Mark Woodger and Mark Gregory, Simon Cook finishing on 112. The clean sweep was complete when Kevin Edwards and Peter Barton beat Lee Woods (29.29) and Darren Britton. Woods scoring a 180.
A rejuvenated Marcus Smith (25.47) beat Mark Woodger (23.16) 3 - 0, scoring a 180 in the process. Peter Barton scored heavily to beat Andy Burmby 3 - 0.
Simon Cook (28.77) continually draws tough games and this was to be no exception as he had to overcome Jamie Robinson (27.76) 3 - 2 in a cracking game. Robinson hitting 2 x 180's.
Adrian Genery (25.56) beat Paul McDermott 3 - 1, scoring heavily but struggling to hit doubles. Kevin Edwards scored a 180 in his 3 - 0 defeat of Darren Britton. Scott Lawrie was well below the high standard that he has set himself but still came through to overcome Mark Gregory 3 - 1.
Mick Chambers (24.24) scored a 180 on the way to a 3 - 0 win over Lee Woods.
With Harwich 11 - 0 up the last game started off with a bang as Kevin Cook (25.71) opened 180, 180, but then failed to finish as opponent Coen Wiekamp (32.67) finished in 15 darts, scoring a 180 as well. Wiekamp then took the next 2 legs in 17 and 14 darts.
 Cressing 3 Harwich 9 (13/12/07)
Harwich put in a much better performance after the disappointment of the previous week to overcome a strong Cressing side.
Simon Cook (35.10) was once again immence as he carried partner Kevin Cook to victory over Mick Cain (29.06) and John Mortimer.
Kevin Edwards (26.89) and Peter Barton (28.78) were back together and brushed aside Stuart Mortimer and Barry Gilbey with Barton hitting a 128 finish.
Adrian Genery (31.39) and Mick Chambers (29.07) were in top form to dispose of Tim Franklin (27.53) and Bob Lang (28.13) in 33 darts.
Scott Lawrie (28.06) and Jeff Elliott lost to Al Hedman (28.58) and Steve Prow in the last pairs with Hedman scoring a 180.
The singles opened with a bang as first Scott Lawrie (26.48) opened with a 180 only to be followed by Al Hedman (23.93) scoring a 180. Lawrie scored another 180 in leg three and a 104 finish in leg four and had to show a strong fighting spirit to come from 2 - 0 down to finally edge past the former British Open Champion.
Kevin Edwards (28.36) hit a 180 and showed a big improvement on his recent form to see off the challenge of Bob Lang (26.06) with a 3 - 0 win.
Mick Chambers had a 111 finish in his 3 - 1 win over Stuart Mortimer. Simon Cook (23.03) lost 3 - 1 to former team-mate Tim Franklin (25.64).
Adrian Genery (26.81) gained revenge over Steve Prow (25.75) with a 3 - 1 win. Prow who scored a 180 had beaten Genery recently in a local open competition.
Kevin Cook ground out a hard fought 3 - 2 win over TV and County caller Barry Gilbey. Jeff Elliott lost 3 - 0 to John Mortimer despite hitting a 180.
Finally Peter Barton (24.90) as usual set off at a blistering pace and saw off Mick Cain (24.89) 3 - 1 with the aid of a 136 finish in the first leg.
 Chelmsford 6 Harwich 6 (06/12/07)
A woeful performance cost Harwich dear as they stay in third place but begin to drop off the pace.
Kevin Edwards (27.62) and Kevin Cook lost out to Martin Compton (28.09) and Alan Church in the first pairs. Despite opening with a 180, Simon Cook (34.61) and Jason Warren lost to Andy Kateley (29.17) and Mel Sylvester (29.75) in 34 darts.
Scott Lawrie, who also opened with a 180, and partner Jeff Elliott finally hit a double to see off Jason Walsh and Vince Walsh. Adrian Genery (30.00) and Mick Chambers (25.61) made it 2 - 2 beating Matt Garrett and Harry Smith (29.67).
Marcus Smith made his usual confident start, going into a 2 - 0 lead, only to let Martin Compton (24.55) back in to win the next three legs. Mick Chambers scored heavily to dispose of Harry Smith 3 - 1. Tommy Armstrong did like-wise but failed to hit doubles and lost 3 - 1 to Mel Sylvester.
Kevin Edwards (23.30) had to fight to the very end to overcome a spirited Vince Walsh and win 3 - 2. Peter Barton (25.70) had a superb match with Andy Kateley (27.24), finally losing 3 - 2.
Adrian Genery (27.83) was as solid as ever winning 3 - 0 against Matt Garrett (23.30). Scott Lawrie (26.84) also had a 3 - 0 win over Matty Doe.
The last game of the night was possibly the best, certainly for entertainment, as first Charlie Preston (25.41) went 1 - 0 up, then Simon Cook (26.89) hit back to go 2 - 1 up, with the aid of a 12 dart leg that included a 121 finish, only for Preston to come back and secure a draw for Chelmsford. Preston scored a 180 in the last leg and Cook wired the bulls-eye going for a 167 finish to win it.

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